Let the Games Begin: Beak Week


The Annual Beak Week is here! This year Lake Ridge will be raising money for the Birthday Foundation.

What is Beak Week?  It is a week long charity event in which all of the school’s students and faculty are encouraged to come together and raise money for a charity. However, it’s not limited to just a charitable organization, in 2014 Lake Ridge dedicated the special week to a fellow LR student who was diagnosed with cancer. In the past we have raised as much as over $20,000. 

Each class teams up against each other and compete to raise the most money. Money is also raised through the several events that are offered. There is a minimum of 5 events in Beak Week, at least one event for each day. This year we start off with our opening ceremony, a volleyball tournament, messy pep rally, talent show, dodge ball tournament, the famous Beaky Boys, and the closing ceremony.

Every Beak Week also has a specific theme along with it. In the past the themes were Star Wars, Call of Duty, Nickelodeon, and Superheroes. This years theme is games! So let the games begin and raise money for those who can’t afford to celebrate their birthdays.