Beaky Boys a Success

Ashlie Currier, ENN Sports Editor

The third segment of Beak Week took place Tuesday night in the varsity gym. “Beaky Boys” was a night filled with comical performances from several different gentlemen who attend Lake Ridge.

There were three individual competitions that occured: the “swimwear” contest, the “talent” contest, and the “interview” contest.

In the swimwear contest, the boys paraded down a red carpet constructed of butcher paper in their best swim trunks. Several of the boys, such as senior Seth Ette and freshman Tameran “Turbo” Darrough, lathered themselves in baby oil for the occasion.

During the talent contest, contestants performed a special display of their own unique gifts. Some danced, some flipped, some recited jokes or pickup lines, and some performed songs as interpretive poetry. While the boys performed the audience was encouraged to donate money into baggies labeled with the contestant’s names.

“I really enjoyed doing some flips and dancing for Beaky Boys. It was fun. I actually winged the entire thing,”  Kyle Sanchez, freshman, proudly admitted.

“I enjoyed performing ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ as a poem with Justin. I had a lot of fun while doing it. My favorite part of the entire thing was probably when he turned off the gym lights to correspond with one of the lyrics, because it was completely unplanned,” said Steffen Barrera, junior.

“I did really enjoy performing with Steffen. It was fun because we’re real close and we kind of stepped out of our comfort zone a little bit but we did it together. My favorite part of our talent was the song itself and making people laugh,” explained Justin Kahl, junior.

FIn ally, in the interview contest the gentlemen dressed in thier best, classiest outfits and approached the judge’s table to be asked a single interview question. The questions were simple, such as “what is your motivation,” “who is your inspiration,” “what is your most embarrassing moment,” etc. The contestants answered with puns and sarcasm and really making the audience come alive.

“I really enjoyed Beaky Boys this year. It was super funny and I just love laughing,” said Haley Parks, sophomore.

“I loved it, we all interacted with the contestants and were basically a part of Beaky Boys ourselves. It was a cool experience for me,” Brittney Currier, freshman, said.

At the end of the night, three awards were handed out. Sanchez was ribboned as “Mr. Congeniality,” for his humorous performance, while Darrough was ribboned as “Mr. Money Maker,” for having the highest amount of money in his donation bag. The final award, “Mr. Lake Ridge,” was bestowed upon senior Seth Ette, who was all smiles throughout the night.

Overall, Beaky Boys was a great success.