Early Prom Fundraising for Class of 2020


Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho

Sarah Piceno and Brooke Zuniga raising money for prom

Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff

Lake Ridge High School’s class of 2020 is off to a good start. Students from the class of 2020 have already begun to save money for their prom. Taking an approach such as this will be helpful for anyone who plans to attend the classic prom event.

Saving 3 years in advance will allow for discounts for the future seniors. World Geography teacher and overseer of the sophomore class fundraising, Brandi Garcia, says the expensive investments will be reasonably low-costing if a head start is taken.

“You can start fundraising three years before your actual senior year. It can make senior activities cheaper. For example, prom tickets tend to be really expensive. So if you start early, maybe we can lower that price,” said Garcia.

Agreeing with Garcia, sophomore class Vice President, Ava Hoang, says that the amount of money collected by the time of prom will make the event more appealing.

“Selling things will help us get funds and make money. If we want a better prom it’s best to start now. If we wait, it may not be enough,” said Hoang.

Typically, the places proms are hosted at can be high-priced. Pre-scheduling in advance is also something that should be planned early. Sophomore, Marjorie Lim, says that having money before hand will allow students to worry about other important things.

“It’s a good idea because venues are generally pretty expensive, if you want to have it anywhere nice. So if we get an early start, it won’t be as much to raise in our senior year,” said Lim. “We will have other concerns like applying to colleges.”

Not only is money an issue for this situation, but time is an important factor as well. Sophomore, Sarah Piceno, says that the earlier the financial problems are solved, the better the experience will be at prom.

“It won’t be last minute and the money will be saved up and planned to where we have a big enough budget for the prom. It will make prom a more enjoyable experience and a night to remember,” said Piceno.

There are several simple ways for students to give money towards prom. Buying the class t-shirts or going to the Chick-fil-A nights, which gives 10% of the profit to the fundraising if you tell them you’re from Lake Ridge, will help. This head-start will allow prom to be easier and more successful when the time comes.