African Students Organization Takes Form

The United States is known for the myriad of cultures and ethnicities that make up America. However sometimes a culture’s unique aspects can get lost in the shuffle. For this reason, students at Lake Ridge were inspired to start a club focused on the African culture. The African Students Organization to give students an opportunity to fully learn and appreciate the African culture. On September 28th, ASO had the first meet and greet for students.

Lake Ridge students wanted this opportunity to share a culture that’s important to them. Sponsor of ASO and Alternative Classroom teacher, Eric Hurst, believes that it’s important for students to be in charge of continuing on this organization.

“As a sponsor, I’ll give them the money and space to be able to congregate, but the reality of it is, this is their group to form. Whatever their mission statement is gonna be I help them implement it,” said Hurst.

Jessica Varela
ASO President teaching about the African culture.

One way these students recently showed their appreciation for the African culture was by wearing traditional outfits in honor of Nigerian Independence Day, on October 1st. ASO students hoped to share their culture throughout the school and explain through clothing, why this day is important. Hope Ette, believes their traditional clothing is unique and that when other students see the clothing it makes them curious about the culture. Ette believes many people would enjoy learning about the culture but there hasn’t been an event that gives students this opportunity.

“I think a lot of students would get involved learning about African culture if we had like a mini social with the different dishes and music. A lot of people would definitely want to know more, especially if there’s food involved,” said Ette.

The ASO program was opened for all students wanting to learn and be more involved with the African culture. Associate Principle, Natasha Stewart, believes the student body is wanting to come together and support one another as well as find different ways to connect to each other.

“With any organization, where school is concerned, if you can find a way to connect with other students who are like-minded, that it gives you a purpose for wanting to be at school and expands the education opportunity,” said Stewart.

This organization was started for the African students, however it has evolved into something much more than that. It’s now a club that brings people  together, no matter what their race, to learn about a unique culture that represents a number of Lake Ridge students.