A Magical Trip Yet To Come

Lake Ridge’s Choir has big plans within the next few weeks, to take on the “happiest place on earth”. Disney World awaits Lake Ridge’s most talented voices, as they prepare for their over one thousand mile journey to every child’s dream land. Occurring every four-years, the planning and anticipation for this extravagant field trip, accompanies the notes sung throughout the music hall.

On the Disney field-trip, there are events that will occur for students aside from meeting their favorite characters, riding roller coasters, and eating as much Mickey-Mouse shaped food that one can find. Within the park, choir members will have the rare opportunity to both meet, and learn from a professional in their field of interest. Choir director, Philip Glenn, explains the details of what the singing-aspect of this eventful field trip entails.

“One of the days at Disney, we do a two and-a-half hour workshop called ‘Disney Sings’, which is a behind the scenes workshop where we work with one of the professional performers, on vocal technique, and how to audition. They show us how they record soundtracks to movies, and we actually get to record a trailer soundtrack with them,” said Glenn.

The experiences these students will have may very well change the future they intend for themselves. Kwame Morrison, sophomore, believes that the experiences that each student takes away from this trip could have the potential to change their life and how they view themselves. The emotions expected to come from this journey, are deeper than the immediate joy one would expect.

“I think that opportunities such as this are important, because you may have a life-altering experience through them. Maybe you don’t see yourself as a professional singer in 5-10 years, but you may experience something on the trip that you couldn’t have otherwise. Working with professionals in a Disney environment would bring the feeling of fulfillment, because not only am I getting to better myself, but I got to be a part of memories that have a lasting impact,” said Morrison.

While most students would give anything to go to Disney at all, the Lake Ridge choir’s trip is a unique experience due to its inclusion of talent and vigor for singing. Choir members who choose to go on the trip, will be able to make memories involving not only their friends, but also their abilities. Sophomore, Caylah Carey, believes a great love for singing combined with an overall exciting environment, will be what becomes the highlight of the Disney field trip.

“The best part would be the fact that we’re able to perform and do something we are all passionate about, while we’re in Disney World having fun,” said Carey.

As the Lake Ridge choir prepares to embark on their elaborate excursion, the endless possibilities for a magical time surround them. From a passion for a gift the students possess, to the ability to expand their talents and goals like never before, the Magical Kingdom of opportunity awaits.