Lights, Camera, Action!


Cara Ludwig

Sophomore actor Carlwell Redmon shows off his latest theatre award.

With the roaring applause from the crowd, the lights start to turn on as the curtains are pulled aside, revealing a cast eager to show off their talents. One by one the cast starts to file off the stage, one actor noticeably staying on stage and going through the motions he had just done moments before. With the shout from a director, Thespian Officer Carlwell Redmon starts to exit the theater hall, singing the tunes he has been practicing for months.

Carlwell Redmon, sophomore, has been passionate for theater ever since elementary school. His love sparked in fifth grade, and has had an increasing interest for theater since then. Although Redmon has had some difficulty in the beginning with theater, these obstacles have helped him improved in later years.

“I started doing theatre in the fifth grade and did one show in my old school and I got The Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ I did that show and loved it but they canceled the program so I completely forgot about theatre. Then my seventh grade year second semester, I was put in Coach Sohel’s theatre class and just fell in love all over again. I signed up for theater my eighth grade year and was in three productions,” Redmon said. 

Although Redmon’s love for theater hasn’t diminished throughout the years, Jennifer Vo, sophomore believes that those around him have impacted his life and theatrical performance. Along with this supportive cast, Redmon has also taken additional time out of his day in order to improve on his skill and knowledge for theater.  

“Sometimes he could beat himself over not getting a part or messing up on stage but through it all, he’s strong and always uses his mistakes as energy to become better. He works everyday and skips lunch everyday to either practice music, lines, or talk to directors about anything related to theatre. Sometimes I think he motivates himself but I think his friends, directors and family motivate him a lot because he knows that he has support and love from others,” Vo stated.

In addition to Redmon’s devotion to theater, he also displays his love for it by doing “mini-performances” whenever he gets the chance. According to Cara Cook, Theater Tech Director, Redmon can be seen breaking out into song and dance during class as well during other scenes that aren’t his own.

“He sometimes can be seen in the middle of someone else’s scene practicing his own song or tap dancing. That shows that he’s always at work in his brain and in his body. His love for theater is unparalleled. He’s very passionate about theater and he is choosing to dedicated his education to theater,” Cook said. 

Besides performances, dressing up in costumes, and memorizing lines, theatre has more to offer. According to Redmon, the cast isn’t only people he performs with, but people whom he could call his closest friends and family.

“My directors Cara Cook and Heather Morrill have become like second moms to me. I love them so much and they continue to push me to be the best I can be and my cast mates have become like siblings. We spend hours on end partying and just pouring our souls out to one another and we have grown to trust each other like we’ve never trusted anyone,” Redmon stated. 

Although Redmon’s love for theater has gotten him far throughout the years, he is furthering his theatrical career at the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy. His dedication and commitment for theater has carried him onto a level that will continue at an academy with others who share the same passion as him. Despite transferring to a new school next year, his friends and cast members are supportive of his decision and wish him the best.

“It’s an amazing school and the students there are extremely talented. I think they are going to love Carlwell. It makes me so happy to know that he’s pushing himself to harder way more challenging levels and that he’s really excited for it. I can’t wait to see him perform and grow. With the years of knowing him I think he has become more mature and friendly. I’ve never seen a person so passionate and proud of what he wants. It’s amazing,” Vo said.

Even with Redmon’s cast, friends, and directors supporting him, he believes it is still hard to say goodbye to those he’s leaving behind. Despite this, Redmon will be continuing his education as the curtains open on this new stage in his life.