Summer: At Home and On the Go


Courtesy of Google Images

Summer break is approaching fast, and students and teachers can’t wait to see what it beholds. Most people may take it slow and relax, but others choose to go on vacations and make memories they will never forget.

It’s common to see people go to a different state, country, or even continent. Why they travel varies based on what they want to do for the break. People may just want to relax in a different place from their usual sights, while some like Henry Baker, junior, who will focus on honing his craft. Baker chose to go into Metallurgy and Smiting, which focuses on welding and working with metal, and is heading to Belgium for two months to train under a blacksmith and learn new techniques. By doing this Baker can increase his skills and knowledge over what he hopes to do for a living.

“I love to weld and craft parts for cars, buildings, and other stuff like that. When I got offered the chance to go to Belgium and learn to do it better, I just couldn’t pass it up,” says Baker.

While some people seek development in personal areas, others decide to  help those less fortunate. Helping in homeless shelters or in soup lines are most common. Senior, Veronica Acevedo, will embark on mission trips and help people less fortunate in the upcoming Summer break with religious motivation. Acevedo is going to Swaziland to help build homes and share her religious values.

“I really love being able to help people who are less fortunate than me, and also doing it to spread God to these people who have never heard of him, is just the cherry on top in my opinion, but it’s going to be hard since it is my first time going somewhere else for two months, but I know I can do it,” says Acevedo.

Another reason to leave the states is to visit family far from home. Families from cities to countries away may only have the opportunity to see each other during the break. Sophomore, Adam Martinez, is seizing the opportunity to visit his family in Mexico to catch up with them. Martinez usually only gets to see his family during summer and spends time with all his relatives.

“My family is originally from Mexico, and I love all my cousins and relatives. So going to Mexico is really nice to see them and find out what they’re doing. Most of the time I don’t see them so I’ll see my cousins and they’ve grown since last time I saw them,” said Martinez.

Among the rapid pace of the airport and living out of the infamous suitcase, staying at home to relax doesn’t seem half bad to travelers. Teachers that also need a chance to relax from the hustle and bustle of school make plans for the Summer as well. AP Human Geography teacher, Dena Marlar, will stay at home and relax for the break. Compared to teaching the same subject year-round three times a day, it’s a welcomed change.

“I’m just gonna stay at home and calm down from the rush of school. I’m hoping  to see my grand-nephew Fisher-Dale and napping til the afternoon and not worrying about grading papers or some student doing something silly,” says Marlar.

Summer also offers the chance to learn new skills and acquiring a new skill. In the blazing Texas heat, one student has decided to take a skate on ice. Freshman, Maria Fernandez, has wanted to learn how to figure skate for years now, and is hoping to perfect it during the break.

“I’ve always wanted to figure skate since I was a girl, and I know it’s kind of silly to do it in a place like Texas, but it just feels so nice. I know how to skate but I hope I can hone my skills to do what the Olympians do,” said Fernandez.

Going on summer break is a relief to a lot of students, and can be a world of new beginnings. You can either spend time with family, go to new countries and continents, stay at home and relax, or perfect a craft you’ve always wanted to do. With all these amazing opportunities and ideas, the possibilities are endless, but the amount of time isn’t. Make the most out of the time you have.