Life of Libed


Lake Ridge Yearbook

Senior, Valedictorian and National Honors Society President, Aaron Libed remains undecided on his future plans.

The excitement of being accepted into the college you applied to maybe be a relief, for others it might be a burden.

Senior, Valedictorian, and, National Honors Society President, Aaron Libed, was accepted into Stanford University but hasn’t decided if he is going yet.

“I was waiting for financial aid, but they gave it and its not very generous. I think I am just afraid of commitment.”

Just like many other high school students who apply for colleges, Libed isn’t sure where he wants to go just yet.

“I’m pretty sure I might go to Stanford but I have been thinking of going to seminary because seminary would be free, but I think getting into Stanford is a pretty big indicator that maybe I should be doing something else.”

Libed is interested in medicine, initially he wanted to major in philosophy but changed it due to the amount of school. 

“I want to major in Biomedical Engineering, I don’t want to be a doctor but I am interested in the medical field, I don’t want to be a doctor cause its too much school, so if  I’m a biomedical engineer I get my masters in 5 years so I can go to school less.” 

Being so dedicated to school may take a lot of time away from your personal and social life, having to focus most of your time on school work doesn’t leave lots of time for outside activities 

“My biggest sacrifice would probably be relationships, I didn’t start dating until being an upper class man because I had to freely focus on school and also I figured a lot of highschool relationships don’t last, and I also realized transitioning from a private  school, I found it hard to make friends so I didnt prioritize that, so I started having better friendships as an upper class man to”.

Free time may be rare for Libed but life outside of school seems pretty regular for him, he has little free time but seems to make the best out of his time. 

“Im picking up guitar, I like playing the piano, I go to the gym, I swim, I watch movies with my friends. A Lot of people think Im a complete nerd but I like doing normal teenage things.”

Motivation for libed wasn’t a specific thing or person, for Libed his motivation was him self. He worked hard so he could accomplish anything he wanted. 

“I don’t think there is a person that motivates me I think it’s just that I don’t know what to do in my life, so I have to keep my options open thats why Im working so hard, and so its kinda for the sake of me not knowing what I want to do and keeping my options open, that’s really what motivates me.” 

To most Libed may seem like a nerd, he shows that you can very involved school work and still have a outside life.