Grass is Greener on the Other Side

There’s always two sides of a story. Physically, figuratively, and theoretically. With those two sides, there’s always grass that’s greener on one side, take the fence as the barrier separating men and women through societies stereotypes set upon each gender. For decades upon decades, women have fought for equal rights and to get rid of the double standards that have hindered them in various ways.

In a classroom where the teacher asks for a strong and tall male student to reach the clock and fix it. Then, a female student questions why the teacher didn’t ask for a strong and tall female student. Growing up, some people may have been raised to have this mindset that men are typically the ones who do all the hard labor work whilst women sit and watch. But in a generation where women can join the military and can wrestle men, there shouldn’t be any exclusiveness. For english teacher, Christina Wiegand, she shares the mindset and psychology behind calling a male student from a teacher’s standpoint.

“I think some of that is ingrained on us, because society says a boy should fix that. So, we have to be intentional on realizing that, that is not correct and that a girl is just as capable of fixing the clock as a boy. So, that is where people have to be individually intentional,” said Wiegand.

In another scenario, say a girl is walking down the halls in her school and she gets dress coded by the administration, because of her ripped jeans. However, as she gets caught, a boy walks down the hall with ripped jeans as well, but not approached at all. In today’s society, it seems as if people are watching and monitoring over what the girls are wearing instead of the boys, seeing if they abide by the set dress code. For sophomore, Danielle Montgomery, she as well sees the dress code being more enforced for girls instead of boys.

“I’ll be in school and sometimes I’ll see boys wearing ripped jeans or shorts that go above their fingertips. And that is against the dress code and the AP’s don’t say anything. But when it was VSCO day, they kept enforcing the dress code on every girl that had short shorts and oversized hoodies,” said Montgomery.

Furthermore, teen relationships are common in high school. However, whenever boys talk to girls they are considered to be players, but when girls talk to boys, they are considered to be promiscuous. The double standard that separates boys talking to girls and girls talking to boys is erroneous. For, sophomore, Shaniya Bass, she feels like the double standard should be equal and taken differently. 

“I just feel like there is an unfair disadvantage for women because of this double standard. Like women can’t talk to men as friends or just casual small talk without someone assuming that they’re dating. But when a man does that, it’s okay,” said Bass. 

The women’s rights movement started in 1848, and has since the brought an evolved society. Although, the decades to follow still harbor double standards that women will have to break through.