Innovation in Gaming

Gaming has advanced all over the world and is coming to be one of the biggest upcoming markets. Gamers can be found on YouTube, Twitch, and many other platforms showcasing their equipment and skills and are being recruited to play in competitions with prize winnings of over 1 million dollars. The most recent consoles to hit the market are the Sony PlayStation 4 pro and the Xbox 1 S. As of March 2020, Sony announced that they will be releasing a new gaming console that is more high tech then ever. The PS5 is reversed compatible meaning it will be able to play previous console versions of the game like the PS4 versions , ables to be voice controlled, and rumors have spread that the controller can detect heart rate and many other features. Ivan O’Kane, sophomore, who has small gaming tournaments with his friends is a seasonal gamer who only plays when he has time. O’Kane says the PS5 sounds interesting but probably won’t live up to the hype.

“The PS5 from what I heard seems to be a very good console and has gotten a lot of peoples attention. It also sounds like a bit much when they say it can detect human vitals like blood pressure and things like that. To me they are either doing to much or gaming has gotten more serious then I had expected,” said O’Kane.

As there is a lot of circulation about the PS5, Microsoft is also dropping a version of their new console which is the Xbox 1 X. Both new consoles are major step-ups from their previous versions. Elijah Brooks, senior, has been playing Xbox all his life but is looking at the features to help him decide which to choose.

“I’ve been playing Xbox for a while. Goes back to when I was playing Black Ops 2 on my Xbox 360. Both consoles sound exciting and I’m looking at the specs and gestures that each have. Also a big consideration would be the price of it and how many games come with it’s release. Xbox is known to have better exclusives than PlayStation, So right now, I’m going more toward the new Xbox but it can change in the future,” said Brooks.

The comforting feeling while playing on a game system can make or break the gaming experience for many. Debates have erupted about who’s controller is better and why. Most gaming tournaments are played on PS4 while popular Twitch streamers and well-known YouTubers use Xbox and PC. Mason Sanders, junior, says being comfortable can help with the overall gaming performance.

“Sometimes when I have the time and money, I compete in certain tournaments on 2k20 and other games. I like to play 2k, Madden, Grand Theft Auto. I occasionally play Fortnite when me and my friends are bored and want to play together. I have won some small payouts but I have seen what people have won and I’m striving for that. It’s all about finding a console and controller that fits best for me and me getting better at that,” said Sanders.

Both Sony and Microsoft will both drop new consoles late 2020, according to their social media profiles, with each having their own individual features including Resolution, Frames per second, memory and more to help enhance the gaming experience. Gaming is becoming a world-wide sport that almost everyone can enjoy. With more high tech consoles available in the years to come, it is safe to say gaming will only get better.