Are You Still Watching?


Courtesy of Google Images

With students not being able to return to school, many have found Netflix as a good way to pass their time.

Since the start of COVID-19, many schools in Texas have closed and extended their students’ Spring Break. With this sudden change, many teens have been bored with nothing to do while on the extended break. To help cure their boredom, students are watching T.V shows and movies that they have never seen or needed to catch up on, through platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus. Sophomore, Ishi Jacinto, is a lover of Disney Plus, and since downloading it, she has not stopped watching all her favorite tv shows as a kid.

“I highly recommend Girl Meets World and Boy Meets World, they are both great shows that I have not seen in forever, and it definitely brings back nostalgia from my childhood and even my parents’ childhood,” Jacinto said.

Many people love Disney Plus as a movie streamer, because almost everyone can enjoy it. Many adults can watch their favorite Disney movies that they watched in movie theaters and enjoy the movies that they grew up with. According to Stacey Leasca from Glamor, the spread of COVID-19 caused Disney Plus to release Frozen 2 three months early, so all of the younger viewers can enjoy it as well as the viewers who could not see the movie while in theaters. Leasca included that the early release of Frozen 2 was an attempt from Disney to make the lives of their audience a tad bit easier. Freshman, Reagan Morrow, says that she is happy that Disney Plus decided to release the movie early, because she can now enjoy the sequel without having to wait another three months.

“I was really happy that it came out early. When I heard about its early release, I was so excited, because then I could watch both Frozen and Frozen 2 whenever I wanted. Definitely worth an early release,” Morrow said.

Although Disney Plus is a great streaming provider, Netflix also has movies that are not related to Disney. Netflix has more genres and movies that you cannot find on any other T.V apps. Since movie theaters have closed, many couples have started to have their movie dates at home, with Netflix as their go-to streaming service. Netflix has always been a popular way for people to enjoy movies while at home or anywhere else because of the selection. Netflix has added new seasons of shows and new movies for everyone to enjoy. Sophomore, Brianna Packer, likes Netflix because it is an easy way to navigate and to watch new genres.

“Netflix is easy to navigate and there is a variety of stuff on there to watch. I kinda find it useful, but I also could just google a show if I do not feel like going to the tv to watch Netflix,” Packer said.

With the extension of Spring Break for Texas teens, students are finding ways to pass time by watching Netflix and Disney Plus while being stuck at home. With the new release of Frozen 2 and new releases on Netflix, the extended break is easier for students to enjoy their time at home.