The Things We Took For Granted


Sarah Cole

Junior, Sarah Cole, remains positive during quarantine by remaining grateful for her family.

As Coronavirus spreads across the country and world, governments have begun implementing quarantines for their citizens, strongly suggesting that non-essential people stay in self-isolation in hopes of preventing further spread of the virus. Social distancing and self-isolating practices have caused people to reflect on life before the pandemic. As a result of the virus, people have learned rather important life lessons and have begun to consider all the various things they took for granted. Junior, Ethan Vu, admits that after being in isolation he no longer will take for granted the days and times he gets to be with his friends. 

 “It’s left me having to text my friends almost on a daily basis without ever seeing them or interacting with them as I used to. It’s just something different when it comes to physically talking to someone and being within the same vicinity as them,” Vu said. “Having that close distance makes you feel more emotionally connected to them and not just some thoughtless text bubbles you can’t even put a face to on your phone. It’s having that physical intimacy I miss with other people. So after this whole thing is over, I’ll start to cherish these moments more because I’ll never know when they’ll be my last with them.” 

Going to class and seeing the people and friends you have gone to school with for so long is something that no one would have thought they would miss. In addition to the lack of face-to-face time with friends and peers, the ability to go to your favorite restaurant or favorite store is something also missed. Junior, Jaspinder Malhi, misses the freedom she had to be able to go places with her friends and family.

“I learned not to take the freedom to go places with my friends for granted because spending weeks inside my house with the same people is very difficult. I miss the ability to have physical interactions with my friends. Talking and having conversations through text or on call just isn’t the same to me,” Malhi said. 

Though the pandemic has stripped people of many things, some are choosing to keep themselves busy and remain positive. Junior, Sarah Cole, maintains an optimistic outlook during these weary times by not dwelling on the negatives.

“I stay positive by focusing on the things I haven’t lost. I have spent a lot more time with my family especially. We all do ‘Just Dance’ competitions every day, and I started learning a bunch of line dances with two of my sisters. Additionally, I started reading some books with my sister, Erin. I also decided to redecorate my room by painting it and reorganizing everything. I try and stay positive by focusing on all the stuff I can still do and by being grateful for the time I get to spend with my family,” said Cole. 

Whether it be the ability to spend time with friends or simply going to school to see teachers and peers, the virus has shined a light on all the things and activities people previously took for granted. Vu believes that while the virus has taken away time that could be spent making new memories with friends, it is also important to realize that there is still life ahead of us. 

“Sure, having lost these moments with your friends is sad, but there is still so much to look forward to in life. You are always going to have plenty of opportunities to make new memories that you will cherish forever. Why be bitter about the things that have been cancelled when you have so much to look forward to. That is the mindset that keeps me moving forward and how I remain positive in these unknown times,” Vu said.