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Ben Platt, Broadway singer and actor, would make the perfect celebrity quarantine partner.

Being in quarantine is nothing short of mentally draining. Being stuck in the same house with siblings who seem like they are trying to do everything in their power to drive you crazy plays a major role in how exhausting self-isolation can be. Social media allows for followers to see what some of their favorite celebrities are doing to keep themselves sane, so the quarantine has posed one inevitable question: What would it be like to quarantine with our favorite celebrities? Ben Platt is an actor and singer best known for his roles as Evan Hansen in Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen and as Benji in the Pitch Perfect movies. Junior, Ethan Vu, admits that he chose Platt as his celebrity-quarantine partner, so that he could listen to some good music.

“Quarantine, I think, is making everyone a bit stir crazy. So, I think if I had to be quarantined with any celebrity it would definitely be Ben Platt. I would quarantine with him, so he could entertain me with Dear Evan Hansen and other songs,” Vu said.

Similar to her classmate, junior, Audrey Byrne, would quarantine with one of her favorite musical artists Taylor Swift. This country-pop singer is well known for her work in the music industry, selling nearly 50 million albums worldwide. Byrne admits that she chose her celebrity-quarantine partner, so they could teach her something from their musical expertise. 

“I would love to quarantine with Taylor Swift because she has a really nice beach house and I could hang out with her cats. Additionally, I would want to quarantine with her so she could teach me how to play the piano. I would also try and get her to spill all her secrets about things such as her career or her boyfriends to me,” said Byrne. 

Creative juices seemed to have run dry for many people while stuck in quarantine. The lack of creativity has caused some users’ social media to run dry as well. Machine Gun Kelly is an American rapper whose most popular songs include “Rap Devil” and “Bad Things” with pop artist, Camila Cabello. Junior, Kayla Nguyen, admits that she would choose her celebrity crush to quarantine with, so that, together, they could set up photoshoots for future Instagram posts. 

“I would love to be quarantined with Machine Gun Kelly because his home is a huge mansion, and I feel like there would be less of a chance for me to get bored. Also, I have noticed that he has a really pretty backyard, so I would want to set up miniature photoshoots there to show off on Instagram,” Nguyen said. 

Being stuck in quarantine has provided students with the time to pick up on new hobbies. However, hobbies like cooking can still prove itself to be exceedingly hard. Kylie Wagner, junior, would love to learn some lessons from the culinary arts with the guidance of her celebrity-quarantine partner. Bobby Flay is an American chef whose talents are portrayed on TV shows such as Beat Bobby Flay and Iron Chef America. 

“I think out of everyone, I would love to be quarantined with Bobby Flay. I have always wanted to learn how to cook, so I would want him to teach me,” stated Wagner,

The creation of hobbies is not the only thing quarantine has caused. It has also contributed to the greater rise of the social media platform, Tik Tok. Users have begun learning and creating their own dances in addition to partaking in the platform’s various jokes, games, and recipes. Known for her various dancing videos, Charli D’Amelio is a young Tik Tok star who became famous after posing in a video doing the “Renegade” dance. Mia Hernandez, junior, admits that she would choose her favorite tik-toker to quarantine with, so they can make some new posts to the platform.

“I would hands down quarantine with Charli D’Amelio. She is one of my preferred Tik Tok creators and we can post together, so she can make me famous. Plus, she seems very well off, so that wouldn’t hurt either,” Hernandez stated.

Life in quarantine has proven to be quite difficult. The constant closed quarters and necessary motivation required to keep up with school are both factors that contribute to its undesirability. However, it is mandatory in order for this virus to pass, and what better way for the time to pass than alongside a celebrity.