In a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Courtesy of Google Images

As May 4th approaches, Star Wars fans anticipate the much awaited Star Wars Day.

“May the ‘fourth’ be with you,” Star Wars fans all around the world celebrate May 4th as their own holiday, Star Wars Day. Website, Columbus Dispatch, states that the phrase, popularly said on Star Wars Day, was first used in 1979 after Margret Thatcher took the position as Prime Minister in the UK. The phrase was first said to Thatcher by the London Evening News to congratulate her for her new position in ‘79. Soon after, fans of the science fiction franchise began popularizing the phrase. Website, National Today, says that the first official gathering for Star Wars Day on May 4th was held in Toronto in 2011; since the first gathering, the celebration has become a popular day around the world for Star Wars fans. Many families have gotten together with others to have the ultimate watch party, enjoying the classic films. Movie series, such as Star Wars, are ways for people within the various fandoms to bond over something that they all have in common. Sophomore, Isabella Daniels, is not a super fan of the series, but enjoys watching the movies with her family.

“The movie series is really good; we all enjoy it. Even though I have to sometimes ask what is going on, I still enjoy it a lot. My dad loves it, and knows everything about it, and it is kind of funny how much he will get into explaining it to others or myself. It is a good bonding experience for my family, because we all can watch the movies and understand them,” Daniels said.

The Star Wars franchise is very popular throughout many generations. Many families get tickets to see the films the second that they are in movie theaters. The fandom became popular when the Star Wars movie “A New Hope,” first aired in 1977. Fans of the movies would line up hours before the movie was set to be viewed by the public. Some fans also attended conventions that have the franchise, while other fans have their very own fan-run convention. Website, Fanlore, explains that the first fan club for the Star Wars movies was started by fan Paula Truelove who had a “true love” for the movies. In 1977, Truelove started the earliest known fan club called “The Royal Order of the Rebel Forces.” Later in 1980, a new fan club called “Forces of the Empire,” also started that fans are still a part of and enjoy. The fandom is a popular group, with fans all around the world who also attend the red carpet movie premieres in hopes of seeing the movies first. Some fans who are a part of the fandom even dress up as characters to watch the films in movies. For sophomore, Nia Jyles, the love of the popular franchise spans over generations and is something she has enjoyed since she was a child.

“I have been a fan since I was about 8 when my dad introduced it to me and told me who Darth Vader was. My dad and I can bond over the movies very easily because we can both enjoy them and get really into each movie. I officially started to enjoy it the moment that Darth Vader told Luke that he was his father, which is probably the best and most iconic part in my opinion, aside from cutting off his hand,” Jyles said.

Fans of the movie series believe that May 4th is a special holiday for fans to get together. While this year’s Star Wars Day cannot be celebrated together, Disney Plus is still looking to make May the Fourth a special day for the fandom by releasing the latest movie in the franchise, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Twitter accounts like “New York Comic Con” and “Willow Park Resort,” are allowing fans to interact with the stars, watch interviews, and answer trivia questions about the movies and characters. Sophomore, Ericka Solis, is excited for the release of the movie, because it has been a while since she has seen it.

“I am excited for the release, because it has been a few months since we were allowed to see it in movie theaters. I am not a huge fan, but I still love the movies and I am happy that it is coming to Disney Plus,” Solis said.

Although many people are fans of the movies, some people are not fans and do not believe that this day is a holiday, but simply a day that is a special reference to the movie series. Sophomore, Shelby Frey, is not a huge fan of the franchise, but understands that May the Fourth is a big day for people who are.

“Star Wars is definitely a popular movie franchise, but I do not think that people should go all out for one day a year. I will admit, I do understand why everyone enjoys it so much because the movies are enjoyable. The phrase is iconic, so them saying ‘May the Fourth be with you’ is a fun way to celebrate the day,” Frey said.

The Star Wars fandom is a very popular one, with fans all around the world enjoying the movies. Fan clubs that were started as far back as the first movie’s release are still growing as new generations of fans join and begin to bond over the love for the franchise. Whether it be the iconic moments or the intergalactic conflicts, the films’ often attract fans of all backgrounds and ages to enjoy. The franchise and popular day are important to Star Wars fans, so as Yoda would say “May the Force be with you.”