The Possibilities of Post-Quarantine


Sarah Cole

Juniors, Ethan Vu and Sarah Cole, look forward to spending time with friends post-quarantine.

Weeks of being in quarantine and the practice of social distancing and self-isolation has created a sense of longing for more diversified human interactions. Whether it be the thought of finally getting to be with friends or simply being able to leave the house for the first time in seemingly forever, the ideas and thoughts of these future and potential interactions have kept community members motivated through this world wide pandemic. AP European History, Comparative Government, and Academic Decathlon teacher, Brandon Austin, admits that he remains motivated for a post-quarantine lifestyle by enjoying the more simple things in life, as it distracts him from the crises happening around the world. 

“What keeps me motivated through this quarantine is watching T.V. I am motivated by T.V. because I love it. It makes me extremely happy to watch my favorite shows on various networks,” Austin said.  

While enjoying the more simple things in life keeps people motivated during the quarantine, for others, the potential activities and interactions to be had is what keeps them encouraged. The possible face to face encounter with extended family and friends is what many people, teenagers and kids especially, are looking forward to. Junior, Ethan Vu, admits that he longs for an interaction that isn’t held through facetime calls and text messages. 

“I am really looking forward to going out and seeing more of my family and friends. Sure, I can text and call them everyday, but it is not really the same thing as being around them in person. It is just that human interaction that I really miss the most out of everything else,” said Vu, “Looking to the future keeps me going. I know this social distancing and quarantine thing is not going to last forever, so I just am looking forward to the things to come. I know that as much as this situation sucks, it isn’t the end of the world.”

While the human interactions and physical contact seems to be what people are hoping most for, there is still a certain level of caution to be practiced once restrictions are lifted. Sarah Cole, junior, admits that while she is still looking forward to being with friends after quarantine, she will be weary about what she comes into contact with. 

“For me, what I look forward to most after quarantine is being able to see my friends. Fortunately, I have still been able to keep in touch with everyone using things like facetime, texting, or social media, but I am excited to actually see them all in person once this is all over. However, even after quarantine, I am going to be much more cautious when it comes to touching my face, and just germs in general. There could always be a second wave of the virus, so I am really going to be careful,” Cole said. 

It is safe to assume that social distancing and being in quarantine has caused everyone to miss many aspects in life, whether it be as simple as spending time with friends or being able to attend various sporting events. However, despite these difficult times, people are looking forward to the days when they can safely be with their friends. The possible and soon-to-be interactions is what keeps everyone hopeful through these difficult times.