Celebrating Birthdays Six Feet Apart


Courtesy of Reagan Robinson

During this quarantine, students have had to look at alternative methods to celebrate their birthdays.

Tiny moments of joy, like blowing out candles with family and friends, opening presents, and celebrating birthdays are not only important, but they may be critical to holding on to any sense of normalcy right now. COVID-19, however, may make it impossible to see one another in person, but that hasn’t stopped people from making the best out of the situation.

For some people with birthdays during this quarantine it can be hard to celebrate with your family and friends staying six feet apart. However, some have found a way around that. Junior Kaylee Mosley celebrated her birthday in a different way than most.

“For my birthday, a group of my closest friends got together and organized a surprise drive by celebration for me,” Mosley said.” Even though it wasn’t an ideal birthday party, it’s definitely a birthday I will remember and I am so thankful for the memory that will last a lifetime.”

Drive by birthdays have been a major trend lately. These drive by birthdays have allowed people to see their friends and get a sense of a traditional birthday. Junior Reagan Robinson got to celebrate her seventeenth with the ones closest to her.

“My friends and family did a drive by, then we went up to Newsom to hang out for a little bit. Then later that night a few of my friends came over to celebrate, we were all six feet part of course,” Robinson said. “At first I was sad that it wouldn’t be the way I wanted, but seeing everyone made me realize how truly blessed and loved I am.”

Celebrating a birthday six feet apart can be challenging. However, Robinson believes it is still important to do during quarantine.

“We need to continue to celebrate because everyone deserves to feel special one day out of the year and to know that your friends and family love you and that you are worthy,” Robinson said.

For some these quarantine birthdays reminds them of all the things they are missing. Junior Kendall Aguillard remembers what her birthdays used to be like.

“My birthday was fun considering I got to see all my friends from afar, but I was still kind of sad because it was hard not being able to hug or have any physical contact with my friends,” Aguillard said. “Also, in the past I would usually get to go out and do something with all my friends, so not being able to do that was hard.”

Aguillard believes that even though this birthday was not an ideal birthday it still reminded her of what is really important.

“This will be one of my last birthdays I get to celebrate here because I will be graduating next year, so having limitations to what I could do really sucked,” Aguillard said.” However, with everything going on this birthday made me remember how thankful I am for being healthy and everyone I love healthy.”

Birthday celebrations might not be the most exciting celebration during this quarantine, however those who celebrated during this time have made the most of it. After all, this birthday will most likely become a memorable part of your four years at high school.