Prepping for the SAT


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Seniors weigh in on the upcoming SAT and strategies they have acquired.

On Wednesday, October 14, Lake Ridge seniors will be taking the SAT test. The SAT, also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, is a standardized test that scores students’ knowledge. This test was created by The College Board at Columbia University in 1899. The group decided that there should be a test on how well students would be in every subject matter. This test also highlights university standards for incoming students, and what students should expect before entering college.

This test is for students who would like to attend college. Students must take the time to study and prepare for this test since colleges look for high test scores in order to get accepted. Senior, Ethan Vu, said Varsity Tutors, the website that he used to study for the SAT, is a great resource to use when studying for the standardized test.

“Some strategies I used to study for the SAT is this website I used for the ACT. Ideally, I would find something sort of similar to the ACT prep and it’s kind of like Khan Academy except the SAT version. So from there you answer questions and it will tell you things you get wrong. There’s a test that you can take at the very beginning where it will tell you your strengths and weaknesses. Based off that, they’ll have a personalized plan for you, like what you should study,” said Vu.

Another way of studying for the standardized test is by practicing similar questions that could possibly be on the test. Senior, Jaspinder Malhi, said she does practice questions to help manage her time and if she could give advice to a fellow student struggling with studying for the SAT, it would be to experiment with different types of strategies to see what will work best for them.

“I do practice questions so I can practice my speed and do some examples that will help me on the SAT. If I could give advice to a peer, it would be to find what’s best for them. It would be best to try some strategies out, see what works best, and go from there,” said Malhi.

An important factor when preparing for the SAT is time management. Taking the time to study for the SAT could take most time out of your day in order to be fully prepared when test day arrives. Senior, Zenyse Davis, said she manages her time by doing school work throughout her day, so she won’t have to worry about it after school. Davis also said she studies in her room alone and gives herself breaks, so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or stressed by the amount of work and practice she has to complete.

“When studying, I manage my time throughout the day. I’ll do my homework and when I’m finished I know I don’t have anything else to worry about after school then I have time for myself in my room. I lock myself in there and study while giving myself breaks as well, so that way I’m not overloading myself,” said Davis.

AVID teacher, Shalyn Colbert, said she has been teaching her AVID seniors to manage their time wisely when it comes to taking the SAT. Colbert said when she was a student, taking time was the advice she mainly received from her teachers and she has passed that advice down to her students. Colbert hopes this encourages her students to feel more confident when taking the standardized test.

“It’s really all about time management. It’s a timed test so you don’t want to focus too much on one thing and if you get stuck just move on to the next problem or question and come back to it. It’s just a test, it means a lot, but it doesn’t define who you are as a person so just do the best you can and it will all work out in the end,” said Colbert.

The day before the test can worry some students. Computer aid and SAT guide, Brittany Rhodes, said she recommends students to relax the day before SAT day in order to stay calm and to avoid worrying about the standardized test and what they can do to lower their stress levels.

“I recommend that students relax the day before. They can eat a good breakfast and eat a good dinner because eating well can lower your test anxiety. They also have to make sure that they are prepared mentally for the SAT,” said Rhodes.

The SAT is just around the corner and it’s a determining factor in the future for most seniors. This is seniors’ gateway to college and the start of something brand new for their futures. With the guidance of using helpful strategies, counselors to guide them, and methods to calm down those nerves, seniors are sure to pass the SAT without a problem.