Halloween 2020


Courtesy of Google Images

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Halloween will look a little different this year.

During this global pandemic, Halloween might change in a few ways to keep social distancing guidelines in place. Like trick-or-treating, parties, and haunted houses. This doesn’t change the fact that Halloween is on a Saturday, there’s going to be a full moon out, and it will be time to change the clocks back for daylight savings. This also means that Halloween is not canceled. To keep each other safe, there are many activities to do at home to stay safe and have fun this Halloween.

One of the most obvious answers is to stay home and watch a Halloween related movie with loved ones to keep the Halloween spirit alive. Senior, Mia Hernandez, said she will be staying home this Halloween but she will be playing Animal Crossing with her friends and watching Halloween movies with them as well.

“I probably won’t be doing anything except virtual trick-or-treating on Animal Crossing with my friends so we can still dress up and talk to each other. We’re also going to watch movies together. There are websites that let you sync up movies with your friends so people can still get a similar experience to having a Halloween movie night with friends and chatting,” said Hernandez.

Another way to spend Halloween is by making Halloween treats. There are many Halloween related recipes to pick and choose from. Junior, Mikaley Applewhite, said she’s always baking especially during this time of year. Applewhite loves baking with her mom and they plan on staying home making some Halloween treats for themselves to celebrate.

“I bake all year around with my mom so around this time. I like to make cupcakes and cookies and decorate them with little spiders, ghosts, and I love to add little pumpkins made out of frosting to them,” said Applewhite.

Applewhite also mentioned some of her favorite Halloween movies that she enjoys to watch every year. Applewhite recommends these movies to anyone who is looking for some suggestions to watch next Saturday.

“My personal favorites and the ones I recommend to others are Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, Fractured, 1922, The Shining, It, The Gallows, and Halloween Town. Some of them are rated R but they’re great to watch during the spooky season,” said Applewhite.

Junior, Alex Robb, is celebrating Halloween by staying in with his family and watching movies. The only differences this year for Robb is no trick-or-treaters arriving at his door and he will be dressing up his cats this year. Robb is uncertain how putting his cats in their costumes will work out but he is determined to try.

“I’m going to put my cats in fairy wings. I’ve never done it before but I saw this specific image that makes me want to do it so we’re going to try it. I’m hoping they don’t want to hurt me or anything but we’ll see how it goes and I can’t wait to see them in their costumes,” said Robb.

Spanish teacher and parent, Erica Williams, said Halloween will be different but her and her family haven’t decided on how to celebrate this season. Her church has offered a drive thru trunk or treat that she is thinking about taking her son to. Williams advises parents to make sure the candy that children receive, if they go trick-or-treating, has not been opened or looks like it’s been tampered with.

“Just stay safe, practice precautions, if trick-or-treating is an opportunity, don’t allow your kids to take anything that’s been open or it looks like it’s been open. You just have to be careful going through candy that your kids have gotten from trick-or-treating or you can go with your kids,” said Williams.

Even though Halloween may look a little different this year, there are multiple ways to keep the fun going for everyone. From watching movies, baking Halloween treats, and even dressing up your pets. If trick-or-treating is an option this year, kids and parents must make sure they’re taking precautions while going out. Halloween can still be uncanceled and this year can be a great way to make some more family memories in an interesting way.