Back to Work


Christine Vo

The Lady Eagles soccer team has learned to come together on the team to see better results on the field.

The Lake Ridge girls soccer team had a successful season last year as they made it deep into the playoffs, going against some of the state’s top competition. Their season was cut short with the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus. This season the team plans to make a smooth return and play to their full potential with a push to make it deep into the playoffs again.

It is always important to maintain chemistry to accomplish success and essentially gel together as a team. This is an aspect of the game that the Lady Eagles are being sure to focus on this year. Riley Cook, junior, contributes to this by being positive and encouraging on the field as well as working hard to perform at her best.

“The goals we want to achieve are having better chemistry with each other and making it to at least the second round of playoffs. The team is always looking to improve each day in hopes of making it farther into the playoffs this year. On the field, we are always encouraging each other and showing positivity to create a winning atmosphere,” says Cook.

Each of these athletes has separate goals that they want to accomplish to better themselves as an individual. Senior, Kaylee Mosley, has had her share of competition over the years and plans to work on her skill to contribute to the team’s success this year.

“I try to stay positive and remind everyone that we can do this and win. I can do more work involving my first touch. Sometimes it’s a little crazy, so I can work on getting a better touch, and I want to play with more confidence and believe in myself and stop doubting every play,” says Mosley.

Many seniors on the team are prepared to lead the team to a series of wins this season, all while enjoying one last run with their teammates. Reagan Robinson, senior, is entering her last season of soccer and is excited to take on this season with her teammates.

“This is my last season of soccer and I want to make it the best. I am looking forward to playing with my girls one last time. We want to build better team camaraderie on and off the field, and also make it to at least the second round of playoffs,” said Robinson.

The Eagles have their share of young athletes on their team including sophomore, Karsen Koehler. She contributes to the sense of leadership on the team with her hard work on and off of the field.

I display leadership on the field by encouraging my teammates, along with talking on the field so they know their surroundings. I want to become a more skillful and technical player.  To accomplish these goals, I train very often through the club, school, private training, and additional practice on my own,” said Koehler.

The season is just getting started for the Lady Eagles and they plan to continue to work hard to accomplish these goals. You can catch them playing against Waxahachie this Friday the 29th at home.