Childhoods Shaped


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Childhood T.V. shows create a greater sense of nostalgia among audiences who have grown up with the T.V. shows.

Multiple streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ are releasing shows that have made an impact on students since their childhood. Netflix has been giving audiences popular Nickelodeon shows including “Victorious,” “Sam and Cat,” and “iCarly.” While Disney+ includes “Hannah Montana,” “Kim Possible,” and “Wizard of Waverly Place.” These series, plus many more, are students’ favorites and they remind them of the fun and nostalgic times of their lives.

A majority of these series continue to be a part of today’s society. The latest Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows are different and newer, but they still have that spark to change the lives of young audiences watching. Olinda Acosta-Fierro, junior, said since older shows still have an impact on student’s lives now, she believes TV producers and writers should continue to make series that can stand out to young viewers today so they can remember their childhood in a good way.

“All TV shows have changed because we have changed. All the kids who watched these nostalgic shows are grown up and TV producers need to continue making shows for the kids today so they are a part of their childhood,” said Acosta-Fierro.

Younger generations today have shows that have more in depth meanings to them as each episode is released. Some believe this is a new way that will help children educate themselves on the new world around them. Mackenzie Henning, junior, said her favorite show growing up was “The Amazing World of Gumball” because each episode had a different message behind it involving society. Henning also said that this would be the show she recommends younger viewers to watch because of the clear and strong themes behind the show.

“If I were to recommend some shows to the younger generation, it would probably have to be ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ because it connects some episodes with issues in today’s society. Shows today have definitely changed, I will say, but so has the world around us. The shows they are making today have stronger and more clear messages than the shows our generation grew up to,” said Henning.

Another reason why these shows are important to some students is because of their lovable and relatable characters. Some of these personas had different qualities, backgrounds, and something that made them different from others while also making the show more enjoyable for viewers. Paola Acosta-Fierro, junior, said that the shows that stuck with her the most were Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and Nickelodeon’s “Victorious”. Her favorite characters from each show include London Tipton, Robbie Shapiro, and Cat Valentine. 

“My favorite character from ‘Suite Life’ would be London Tipton because she played dumb and it made her even more funny. From ‘Victorious’ it would be Robi and Cat who also played dumb, and Robi would always be with her no matter where she would take him,” said Acosta-Fierro.

Sometimes in an episode, there are serious moments when a character opens up about a struggle or insecurity they might have. This allows audiences to relate even more because a viewer watching could be going through a situation similar as the persona. Ishi Jacinto, junior, said her favorite shows growing up were “Phineas and Ferb” along with “Fairly Odd Parents”. Jacinto said she connected with Isabella from the Disney Channel series because of her leadership skills and Timmy Turner from the Nickelodeon series because he was a figure of similar moments that happened in Jacinto’s life which made the character more relatable.

“Isabella and Timmy are my favorite characters. Isabella is my middle name and besides her character liking Phineas, a lot of her character was also portrayed as a great leader and that’s needed. Timmy Turner is my favorite character because he represented multiple phases in my life that the show helped me get through,” said Jacinto.

Some of these iconic shows have gotten reboots a few years after the ending of the original series. Including “Boy Meets World” with “Girl Meets World”, “That’s So Raven” with “Raven’s Home” and now “iCarly” has its own reboot coming soon to the new streaming service, Paramount +. Jacinto goes on to say how she doesn’t watch reboots to shows and she prefers to stick with the original series that captured her childhood.

“I don’t really pay that much attention to it because nothing can really beat the original. It’s a good try to revive the old shows, but it just kind of feels that they are trying to replace a void that we had,” said Jacinto.

Disney Channel and Nickelodeon shows have shaped a lot of childhoods. Leaving many memories of the times when a student would get home from school on a Friday and immediately turning on the TV to see which show would take over their afternoon with laughter and inspiration.