Courtesy of Christin Campbell

Even though the football team has struggled this season, they have managed to keep their spirits high with a little humor.

The Lake Ridge Barstool Instagram account has become popular amongst students at Lake Ridge, and with other schools across the district and even across the state. The account’s goal is to promote friendly rivalry against other schools this football season. Through this social media page, many students see how fun it can be as well as another way of showing support to fellow eagles.

The Barstool account was started for fun only and to promote school spirit before football games on Fridays. Some students think it’s a creative way of poking fun at the opposing team and at the end of the day, it’s a way of showing more support to the eagle football players. Jeffrey Cotton, senior and account contributor, had made his appearance to the account and wants to remind students that the account is meant to be harmless.

“The goal is to have fun with the other schools in the district and schools across Texas. Sometimes, they get super mad and it’s just really us trolling. The account is not meant to hurt anybody,”said Cotton.

After the creation of the account, conspiracy arose about who might be behind the account. Many students wonder if the owner is someone that they know or that they have seen before around school. However, the original creator of the account chooses to remain anonymous. Alyssa Greenwade, senior, has her own speculations about who is at the forefront of the account.

“I think it’s probably someone that isn’t a senior, possibly sophomores or juniors. I think they’re probably the quiet kids and someone that we might not expect. Overall, I think that the account is funny and just jokes and the account didn’t turn out too bad at all.”

Prior to emphasis on social media interaction, many school rivalry tactics were deemed extremely harsh and offensive. Psychology teacher, Heather Willson, appreciates the positive outlook that this account has, and its ability to promote school spirit.

“With the intent to boost fun and rivalry, but do so positively, I think this is a great option.  I do miss some of the “old school” rivalry tactics, but having a more appropriate means of boosting morale is always a good thing. I love anything that supports school spirit,” says Willson.

Many Lake Ridge students spend an abundance of their time on social media daily, making the account a great way for students to access and contribute to the account. Some students think this account could be the highlight of the entire football season and are eager to see what the owner of the account does next. Kyah Branch, senior, enjoys the unity that the Barstool account brings to the school.

“People in my classes were talking about the account, so I went and looked it up. I think it’s pretty funny and brings the school together in a way. It makes students laugh and helps us rally around something plenty of us use very often which is social media,” said Branch.

 The Lake Ridge Barstool account will continue to grow in popularity as the Lake Ridge football team continues their season. With the support of the team and account, students will be able to have the account as a way to come back and support the team. The best way to stay involved with the account is to follow and give feedback.