All I Want For Christmas is…

Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff

As that time of the year comes around, Christmas decorations are getting put up, holiday sales are happening, and people are getting into the festive mood. As Christmas time is around the corner, so is the pressure to go Christmas shopping. However, there is no Christmas shopping without the list of what people have in mind for this year. But the question some may ask is how are Christmas lists are made?

Christmas lists are a vital part when it comes to the Holidays. It gives the buyers an idea of what to buy for the receiver. It also gives them a head start on that possible new iPhone or limited edition toy that sells out easily. Christmas lists are just as important as the decorations, the tree, and the star. For senior, Ella Hernandez, Christmas lists give her family and friends a sense of direction on what she wants.

“Every year, I always make a Christmas list for my friends and family. It gives them a heads up for what I want, nothing more. It also saves time and effort on trying to figure out what someone wants based on their likes or based on what they seem to like. Christmas lists are just so much more convenient,” said Hernandez.

Starting at a young age, kids may start their Christmas lists as early as October. Some may even start them whenever the previous Christmas has immediately passed. On the other hand, there are some who wait until a few weeks before the holiday. For senior, Vidal Gray, he gets and sends out his Christmas list at a timely matter.

“Most of the time, my Christmas list is planned near the end of November and the start of December. There were some years where I just forgot to make a list, but this year I have one. I just send it to all my relatives, so they know what to get me,” said Gray.

Some say that their Christmas lists are made based on budget. Some families are less fortunate than others and have to put a money limit on what they can receive for Christmas. On the other hand, some families do not have any limit to what they can put on their Christmas lists and will receive it either way. For Senior, Mackenzie Henning, money was a factor for her Christmas lists.

“Typically, I am not that materialistic whenever it comes to Christmas. So, I am not asking for anything expensive such as designer brands or expensive clothes. Since I have my own job, I can buy that with my own money, but for Christmas I just ask for little things that are easy to get,” said Henning.

Though Christmas lists have proven to be important, the length of the list may differ from when students were younger. Lists can range from ten or more items to as little as one item. Moreover, it seems like as the older a student gets, the shorter the list gets. For senior, Mercy Nyakundi, her Christmas list is the shortest it has ever been this year.

“In the past years, my list was filled with many different things. Such as clothes, money, and more. However, this year I am only asking for one thing and that is a new phone. That is all I want, nothing else,” said Nyakundi.

Christmas lists are as important from a parent’s perspective than it is from a child’s perspective. It allows them to get an idea of what their kid wants for Christmas. For AP US History teacher Leigh Ann Smith, Christmas lists were just as important for her son when he was little just as it is now.

“​​Especially since you have a child, how important was it for him to make one whenever he was younger and even now? Having him make a list for “Santa” when he was little was so much fun. We would take him to the Toy store and let him walk around to choose items for his list. Now that he is an adult, lists are still important, going back to buying things he doesn’t want,” said Smith.

From the beginning of Christmas traditions to now, Christmas lists have proven to be such a simple yet important part of the Holiday season. Whether the list is one item or ten items, it will always help those who are doing the Christmas shopping. And just like ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ Santa is checking the list and he is checking it twice.