Say Yes to the Dress

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Saying yes to the dress for prom can be a big moment for those participating. However, issues with budget, size, and the pressure of finding the perfect dress can turn this magical moment into a nightmare. With this being the first traditional prom since the pandemic started, the pressure is on for those who plan on attending to find the best dress and make this prom worth the wait. While also looking good, enjoying the night for themselves, and those who didn’t get the opportunity to have a traditional prom.

The price of prom and other formal dresses have gotten more and more expensive as time went on. It is not rare for people to spend three hundred or more dollars on a dress that they will likely only wear once. While some people think this is a waste of money due to the limited amount of time that one will actually be wearing the dress, others feel that it is acceptable to splurge for a prom dress since it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they may never have another chance to dress in such formal attire again. With all the hype from movies, TV shows, and songs surrounding the dance many feel as though despite prom being one night the memories made will last forever. Senior, Madison Martinez, says although she did have a budget it was rather high because she wanted her prom dress to be special and unique.

“I chose my prom dress based off the way it fit my body and if I liked the fit of it or not. Also, if anyone else had something similar to it, I looked at the Instagram page to see what other people had. I didn’t really pay attention to the price of my prom dress because I was already assuming that I was going to have to pay for it myself but the most I would pay for a prom dress is seven hundred dollars,” Martinez stated.

While the outfit one chooses to wear is one of the main parts of the special event, many have to take into consideration the price of the other behind the scene factors such as hair, makeup, and jewelry that take a prom look to the next level. Attendees also have to consider the cost of factors that don’t have to do with the prom look but contribute to the prom experience such as the  ticket, transportation, and outside dinners. Due to these and other factors the price of prom can add up very quickly. For these reasons many people like senior, Skylar Parker, consider getting a cheaper prom dress so they have money left over for all the other things they need to afford to make prom memorable.

“The main factors for a prom dress are the price and your style. The price is very important because even if the dress is the main course, you still have to pay for the extra stuff. You know you found the perfect dress if you have no doubt about it, but if the dress is more than three or four hundred dollars then I probably would not get it,” Parker said.

The theme of this year’s prom is the ‘Met Gala Dripping  in Luxury.’ Like the annual Met Gala, there is controversy around how important following the theme is when coming to the dance. Some like senior, Aryca Rae Wiilliams, are excited to see how everyone interprets and follows this year’s theme.

“Since the theme is ‘Dripping in Luxury,’ I wanted luxury when looking for my prom dress. I voted for this theme because you get to do whatever style you want. And you get to look like you’re going to the BET Awards. It took me two weeks to find the perfect dress. My aunt Marla actually found my dress for me and I am very thankful to her because I was about to have a mental breakdown, Williams said.

While prom is a special night for seniors, seeing the pictures on social media and hearing the twelfth graders discuss the dance, can leave juniors excited for their special night. Junior, Genesis Tribue, is already thinking about the kind of dress she wants to wear for her prom next year.

“I want my dress to fit my body right and look good on my skin color. I want my dress to be affordable but it looks like it costs a lot. If  I found the perfect dress but it was too expensive I would not get it at all. The most I want to spend on a dress is like three hundred,” Tribue stated.

All in all, prom has been a coming of age event for many generations. With the pandemic affecting the last two graduating classes prom, many are extra excited to have the opportunity to participate in the special night.