Student Body Election

Zayd Allen, ENN Staff

The student body election is just around the corner. This is when the school elects candidates for the student leadership positions. Students can either run for class representatives or the student body. Sophomore, Isabella Silerio, is a running candidate for her junior class.

“I’m running for junior class representative and that means I’ll be like “president” of junior class if I win,” said Silerio.

Winning the election is the main goal most students aim for when running, but it takes preparation and many candidates prepare for this in many different ways. Those competing are usually confident in their abilities and believe they have the qualifications to run. Sophomore, Hannah Le, is running for junior class vice president and preparing in many ways.

“The role I’m running for is junior class vice president. My role is significant because I will be assisting the president on all his/her duties and also leading my class as well. I am preparing for the election by making my campaign poster and networking with those in my grade. I think I’m qualified to run since I am a straight A student. I also hold a leadership position in the business organization DECA where I frequently have to communicate with members in rider to settle on final decisions and such,” said Le.

Others, like Silerio, take a different approach to preparing, but mainly keep up the confidence and believe in themselves. Silerio thinks she is qualified to run for the election and has many ways to promote herself.

“I think I am qualified because I’ve been class rep for the past two years and I have a lot of experience in leadership. I’m a natural leader and I work well with others so I think this position is perfect for me. To prepare I am making a video that will be posted on Twitter and other social medias. I also will be making a poster to promote myself,” said Silerio.

Other candidates are waiting till the voting starts to start their campaign. Sophomore, Carolina Wong, is going to start campaigning more when the voting starts and believes her past experiences and dedication will help her earn the role.

“I’m running for president of the junior 2024 officer position. I haven’t done much to prepare for the election, but once the voting begins I will campaign more in order to secure more votes. I think I’m a qualified candidate for this position because of my past experience as an officer. This 2021-2022 school year I was sophomore class treasurer and have now gotten an idea of what it takes to be an officer. If you ask Mrs. Stephens she can assure you that I was always the first person to arrive at meetings and events, as well as the last person to leave. My dedication and responsibility toward my peers makes me believe that I’m a good candidate to run for president,” said Wong.

When running for a role students will be running against each other, creating competition. These students try their best to get the right word out and get the majority of other students to vote for them. Wong is worried about one of the other candidates running for this position.

“If Isabella Silerio runs for this position, then I’m going to be a bit worried because she has been our class president since 8th grade,” said Wong.

Other students, like Hannah Le, are also worried about some of the other students running as competition.

“I am slightly worried about my competition since there are many students in my grade who are also qualified to run for the same position as I am, but I will go into this election confident as I can be,” said Le.

With the election just around the corner, students vote for their best choice to see which candidate will win the election.