Looking Forward to 2023



Ondrejk – Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain

January first is widely known as New Year’s day, which marks the beginning of a brand new year. This holiday is widely celebrated and known by many who use the Gregorian calendar. Every year, many people make goals for their new year called New Year’s resolutions. These goals can all be different and focus on many things such as being kinder to others, working out more, and studying more.

Many look to the New Year to establish goals to work on and achieve throughout the year. Others think that making these resolutions is aimless because you can set these goals at any time of the year and not just January first. Sophomore, Rivers Gamell feels that if you want to make a resolution don’t wait until the end of the year and complete that goal as soon as possible.

“I think New Year’s resolutions are pointless because you don’t have to wait till the end of the year to make a goal and end up not fulfilling it in the end, so just complete your goals whenever. You don’t have to wait till the end of the year to make something new and work towards it, so just do it when it’s due, “ said Gamel.

New Year’s resolutions are the wishes and goals that are made to be completed throughout the year, but, commonly, many people don’t complete these goals. Though it’s common to see many give up on their resolutions there are still some people who do follow through with their resolutions. Sophomore, Jayden Howard says that the people who don’t complete their resolutions feel upset about it, but the people who do complete they are happy that they achieve their resolutions.

“I think people still make New Year’s resolutions, but most individuals never follow through with them. I feel that those who follow through with their New Year’s resolutions do exist, but are rare because nobody can follow through with anything. In the end, most people give up so their resolutions don’t affect them as a person and they just know they gave up so it makes them depressed, but the people who don’t give up benefit from their resolutions,“ said Howard.

Many focus on creating resolutions that affect them in their personal life, work life, or school life. These resolutions may or may not affect some, but if some focus on completing that goal the effect may be favorable to them. Sophomore, Gabriella Costilla feels that if you create beneficial resolutions you can gain from completing them.

“I think that having New Year’s resolutions can positively affect someone if they try and go through with it and if their resolution is a good thing, such as deciding to study more or wanting to get straight A’s. If you hold yourself accountable and you keep track of it, New Year’s resolutions can be worth it,“ said Costilla.

New Year’s resolutions are sometimes forgotten and are never thought of until the next January first. Those who do forget about their resolutions may remember them throughout the year and realize they aren’t completing that goal so they focus on it again. Senior, Dominique Okayley feels that New Year’s resolutions are there to remind people of the goal that they made and help them work towards it.

“I think New Year’s resolutions are just there, but in a way that it’s a point of motivation like you set a goal and it’s up to you to fulfill that goal. I feel people look back at their resolutions if they are trying to achieve that goal, and if they aren’t doing anything to accomplish it, they look back at the goal and realize they need to start working towards it again, “ said Oakley.

New Year’s eve and day are used as a time for most people to think about what they want to accomplish in the new year, therefore, creating a New Year’s resolution. English two and Debate teacher, Beth Simmonds uses this time to reflect on the past year and see what she needs to do in the future to make the next year better. 

“I always use New Years as a time to reflect on what has worked over the last year of my life in my personal life, in my family, how I’m reacting to people at school, my teaching practices, and my health, but I don’t necessarily have a resolution. There are things that I change like how I’m doing things to better meet my goals,“ said Beth Simmonds

As the year 2022 comes to an end and New Year’s eve creeps closer by the day many will be thinking of New Year’s resolutions to complete in 2023. Whether these resolutions are completed or not in the future, many will be looking forward to 2023 in search of achieving more than they did the previous year.