Bring the Kulture to the House!!!

The way of life in a society that reflects their dress, language, or religion is commonly called culture. Lately, Lake Ridge has been fortunate with a Kulture Club; to create awareness about various ethnic groups.

The Kulture club was created to celebrate different ethnicities that don’t have enough recognition. The Kulture club was established to educate students about these unrecognized cultures. Sophomore, President, Jaliyah Abrams explains her inspiration for creating the club.

“I know that most of the school clubs at Lake Ridge have members from different tribes. At times those tribes are not recognized by most people in school. It inspired me to create a club about culture so that students can have more knowledge about people’s tribes,” said Abrams.

After the club was created, Abrams searched for a club sponsor. She found Advanced English I teacher Amy Markan a perfect fit because of her experience. Markan also believes she fits the role because of her past.

“Growing up in America, I went to almost an all-white school, and I was one of maybe three kids that were not white. A student of mine talked to me about the club and how she wants me to be the club director. I thought it was cool because I had a similar experience relating to my tradition. I grew up in the US, but my parents are Indians. The first time I went to school with my henna on my hands. I remember I told the kids I got a highlighter on my hands. I had to lie because I didn’t want to be different. So I thought this was a cool idea to explain to the kids what the different cultures are about,” said Markan.

At times, the after-school activities a student joins; can be a means to express themselves in different areas of life. Lake Ridge has created diverse activities to help students learn more about themselves. Abrams describes the usefulness of the Kulture club to her personal life.

This club means a lot to me personally. It is a way for me to take a mental break, whenever I have a bad school day. The clubs at Lake Ridge have different uniqueness. The Kulture club has a specialty that stands out from the various clubs I have joined,” said Abrams.

When the club started, the officers suspected that the club might take a lot of time to grow. They used different means of advertisement to raise awareness and cause attention for students to join. Amaka Gbulie who is part of the club, states how she has promoted the club through social media and other means. 

“With the help of the club president, I created an Instagram account for the club. We also have posters in the girl’s toilet too. I convince my friends to come to the club whenever we have a club meeting.  Additionally, I made a TikTok and Twitter account to contribute to the club’s growth,” said Gbulie.

Occasionally, a club’s progress requires officials who direct the activities planned. Being a leader in a school organization can come with a lot of duties. Abrams explains her responsibilities as a captain.

“As a president, I must figure out when and where is suitable for the club meeting. Plan out the activities that we will do in the club meeting. Organize a calendar and inform everyone about the club’s progress. Share any productive information with the members,” said Abrams.

The Kulture Club has taken the job of educating students about various tribes and traditions. With the help of the director and officials, the club is continuing to meet its goals of bringing awareness. In the future, the club hopes to bring out events that will support its objectives and benefit its members.