A Night Through The Eras

Fearless. Evermore. Red. These iconic Taylor Swift albums, along with many more, are all being performed during Swift’s Eras Tour. After six years without touring, fans awaited the day she would once again perform in their city. With four new albums released, Taylor Swift has finally decided to perform her songs from not one, not two, but ten albums, all around the US.

Swift has many fans, also known as “swifties.” She has had a large fanbase for many years, supporting her music through all ten of her albums, or eras. Isabella Cortez, senior, has been a Taylor Swift fan for years and has grown up appreciating her talent.

“She’s been in the game for a long time. She is such a good lyricist, and she’s so talented. She has so many types of music too, so there’s so much variety. I can’t name another person who has come out with ten albums and is combining all of them together,” said Cortez.

With so many fans, Swift has had many people who wish to attend her concerts. However, this means that tickets were not always easily accessible, and often came with a high price. These concert tickets were a valuable gift to many, including senior Alexis Peterson, who was given tickets to Swift’s concert in Las Vegas.

“This was actually my senior trip, and it was a surprise. I’ve loved Taylor Swift for as long as I can remember, and it was really cool to see her in all of her eras. It was really fun screaming the songs, and being around everyone, that was a swiftie too,” said Peterson.

Considering the variety of Swift’s music, many people have specific albums that they enjoy more than others. With the opportunity for all of these albums to be performed in one night, fans have the chance to see their favorite songs performed live. Lilianne Asokwah, junior, was excited to see Swift’s “Folklore” performed at the concert.

“My favorite Taylor Swift album would have to be Folklore, because that’s what got me into her music. It’s what introduced me to her, and I relate to a lot of the songs. I don’t know where I would be without her music, because it has been a really big comfort to me,” said Asokwah.

Considering the variety of fashion styles within each of Swift’s different musical eras, many fans have chosen to dress as their favorite era when attending the concert. Along with these outfits, Swift performs in a variety of styles, fit for each of the eras she performs. Senior, Sydney Lewis, attended the Eras concert in Arlington, Tx, and witnessed the variety of styles from fans and performers.

“My outfit was inspired by the ‘Reputation’ era. There were so many unique and creative outfits, and you could tell that they spent a lot of time picking them out or creating them for themselves. It was also cool to see all of the different outfits from various eras from Taylor Swift and all the fans,” said Lewis.

Aside from the music, Swift’s concert is full of many additional elements, involving the set, dances, and costumes. This has created a unique experience for many fans, as they have the opportunity to experience both visual and musical aspects of the performance. Senior, Hannah Albin, witnessed the ways that Swift made the concert experience unique and exciting for many.

“She [Swift] had a lot of really cool technical elements. She dove into the stage to change her costumes, and that was really cool. All of her dancers were amazing, and they had these unique props that they used. It seemed like every single song had something new,” said Albin.

After long anticipation, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has lived up to the hopes of many fans. With unique cinematic details, along with songs from varying eras of her career, Swift has created an exciting and emotional experience for many ‘swifties’ around the US. As her tour comes to an end, many fans await the next era of Swift’s career.