Opinion: Vote Cruz!


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Ted Cruz on the campaign trail.

Republican Ted Cruz once stated, “The power of the American people, when we rise up and stand for liberty, knows no bounds.” On November 6, 2018 voters will have two choices whether to vote the moving Republican Ted Cruz, or the permissible, gun-restricting Democrat Beto O’Rourke. With election day here, there is a clear-cut decision on who voters should be choosing: the pro-life, 2nd amendment loving, lower taxing, Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz should be re-elected as the Texas state senator because of his views on gun control. According to an NBC article published in March, Cruz is looking for potential ways to prosecute illegal gun-owning individuals as well as reporting crimes to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System or NICS. In doing so, criminals would have to have their background reexamined in order to keep their firearms. Although this contradicts Cruz’s view on letting all eligible individuals have firearms, this will decrease the amount of dangerous criminals who own a firearm. Unlike Beto, Cruz believes that many Americans should own a gun, but should meet the requirements in order to purchase one. Although many Democrats believe that this is the reason why the amount of mass shootings has increased, Cruz’s view on gun control enables those who do not own a firearm to have one in order to protect themselves from any kind of harm. Beto finds it easier to restrict many individuals to own a firearm, but this does not contribute to the case that many dangerous individuals and criminals already own a firearm prior to Beto’s restricting act on guns. Because many criminals own a firearm, it is not possible to track and hunt down every, single, individual who owns a gun and seize it from them. Under Cruz’s supervision, many requirement-meeting individuals would be able to purchase a gun that will protect them from the dangerous criminals who already have owned one.

Although gun safety is an issue for both the self-defending Republicans and restricting Democrats, illegal immigrants is also a pressing issue. According to a Roll Call article published in February 2017, Cruz would support the “Gang of 8” bill which would strengthen border control, allow more green card opportunities, and prevent more “illegal aliens” from crossing the border. Cruz also follows President Trump’s belief in building a wall at the U.S. border. In doing so, this will help restrict the amount of immigrants who travel to America, specifically those of Mexican origin. According to a CNN article published in January, homicides in Mexico have increased by 26% from 2016 and had a count of around 25,000 people killed. Although homicides were seen to be decreasing throughout the years, this was due to the increasing amount of drug-related crimes that arose throughout the years. With Mexico’s homicides and ever so increasing drug cartels, it is not safe for us to allow them to escape or take a hold of a place in our great country. I believe that some drug gangs may be wanting to expand and may use Southern U.S. as an outlet for their drug-related behavior. Even if they may not be wanting to expand, there may be an overwhelming amount of cartels in Mexico, so much to the point where they’re running out of room and the U.S. may be “new territory” to “set up shop.” This can be prevented with Cruz’s elections because he endorses President Trump with the building of a wall which will help prevent and protect America with these dangerous criminals and gangs. I understand that not all immigrants are harmful towards society but I believe that they should at least be legal in order to stay in our great country. Being legal isn’t only benefiting society, knowing that the individual is authorized to live here, but it also shows their strife and dedication in order to become an American. This shows how committed they are to want to become legalized, but also enables us to protect our country from harm with the wall put into place.

Even with Cruz’s firm belief on protection, both for America and its citizens, he also disagrees with a controversial topic that has been prevalent over the years, the LGBT community. Although the LGBT community first revealed itself at the Stonewall riots in 1969, the issue still arises in today’s era with it combating against the Christian faith. For many Christians, homosexuality is an abnormality and is a sin against God because in the Bible, it states how God created Adam and Eve, a woman and a man to be together. In current times, that belief has changed now that more and more homosexuals are standing up and fighting the belief that God only created man and woman to love each other. According to a CNN article published in April 2015, Cruz openly disagrees with the community but does not hate them due to the fact that he’d be indifferent if his daughter were to be a lesbian. As a child, Cruz was raised as a Baptist which strongly disagrees with homosexuality. Many Christians also agree with Cruz’s stance on the discontinuation of same-sex marriages and continues to follow the more “traditional format” of men with women. With Cruz’s re-election, voters can expect to see him combating this “sin” and “abomination,” along with fighting alongside others in order to keep God’s intended way for marriage.

Aside from Cruz’s position on the LGBT community, there is also the pressing issue of healthcare that Cruz would like to change and improve on. According to a Forbes article published in June, Cruz is opposed to and disagrees with the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and Medicaid improvements. Under these healthcare acts, it allows all Americans to have affordable healthcare by using tax credits, or discounts, to pay off the remainder of the fee. Under Obamacare, many companies were required to pay for the remainder of their workers’ insurance because of the tax credits. In doing so, it created as Cruz stated, “Obamacare has been a disaster. It is the biggest job-killer in this country. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part-time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, have seen their premiums skyrocket.” This states how Obamacare requires companies with 50 or more full-time employees to buy healthcare for each and every one of them. Because of this, many companies forced their employees into doing part-time work or just not hiring over 50 employees in order to avoid purchasing this healthcare. Because of this, Cruz wishes to oppose these acts so it will raise the amount of jobs and opportunities for us. Although Beto wishes for healthcare for everyone, Cruz would rather see economic growth and that all Americans should have the opportunity to a job and for smaller companies to begin to grow.

Alongside increasing the amount of jobs available to Americans, Cruz also is a follower of anti-abortion laws and is pro-life due to his belief that all life is equal, born or unborn. According to a Houston Chronicle article published in September, the Senate rejected a Cruz-supported amendment that would’ve cut millions from the Planned Parenthood funds. If the amendment were to pass, this would have saved the government more money for other expenses and allowed less innocent children to be removed from the world. With Cruz’s belief, as a Catholic, we also disagree with abortion because all life is given a soul once they’re created. When an abortion occurs, the child’s soul is assumedly sent to heaven, innocent and unknowing of who and what it could’ve been. Personally, I believe that it’s wrong to decide a child’s fate without even giving them a second of life or any kind of interaction with the world. I understand that there are forced pregnancies, or rape, and accidental pregnancies but it’s God’s gift to have a child. God presented you with a soul to care for and I don’t think it’s right to limit an innocent child for anything but their own fault. It’s not the child’s fault and they haven’t done anything wrong so why should they be killed before they even had a chance to experience the world just like us.

With Cruz’s beliefs to protect America, create more jobs for Americans, and preserve life for the future of our country. The opposing party that wishes to decrease jobs, restrict our protection, and place limitations of innocent children. Although both sides provide considerable stances of the future of our country, it is clear who the obvious senator should be. Even if Cruz’s stances doesn’t align with your beliefs, you should still go out and vote, regardless of your political party because the future of your state depends on it.