Lady Eagles Spike!

Last week Friday, it was Redoak vs our Lady Eagles Volleyball varsity team. It was really intense! Before the game, both teams (jv and varsity) from both schools warmed up and practiced their order. The benches began to fill up seconds after the game began.
Lake Ridge scored the first point! The crowd was loud and excited for what this game had in store. As the game played on, we finally won our first set but by time went by, we began to trail off with the scores, giving that the visitors were leading with points upon points ahead of us. It wasn’t soon that we picked ourselves up and things got intense! There a lot of stumbling and falls but in the end we won the second set and the third!
Most of the team mates felt like they all did their part well. After the game Elizabeth Williams, a junior on the varsity team, said “So the game went well. We started off pretty good and then we fell apart in the second game because we lost the intensity and then we brought it back up and basically, if you’re up like that and constantly cheering to bring your teammates up, you’re going to win any game.” Then she informed us about the game statistics, “So far, we just started game 2 over so we 2-0 we plan on going 3-0 next tuesday against summit.” We asked her to describe her teammates and coach, she said,”My teamates are all very loving, caring people, and we are all very goofy and we all have very different personalities so we all blend well together and i feel bad for people who see us walking in groups because we are very loud; Coach tyler has very high expectations, and if you don’t step up you won’t get anything in return. Overall coach tyler is a really good coach and she definitely makes me want to do better.”
That wraps up the volleyball game last week Friday, don’t forget to continue supporting our lady eagles by attending their games. GO EAGLES!