Let The MADNESS Begin

Eagles basketball players surrounded by fans during Basketball Madness event, Nov. 4, 2015.

Eagles basketball players surrounded by fans during Basketball Madness event, Nov. 4, 2015.

Lake Ridge basketball hosted their annual Basketball Madness event on Wednesday. The Eagles gave fans a glimpse of what is to come this upcoming season using both boys and girls varsity.

The event started off in the JV gym with the varsity boys giving fans a chance to show their shooting stroke for thirty seconds at each goal. Next, the fans battled head to head to see who can make a layup first, with only 5 seconds!

Next, the madness moved to the main gym, where players from both boys and girls varsity danced with the drill team to brighten up the mood in the already excited gym. After that, the skills challenge occurred. Three children, two boys and a girl, participated in the challenge with the girl coming out victorious in a full two seconds!

The competition then heated up as male and female staff members competed in a three point competition. The varsity teams then competed in three pointers to help strengthen the teachers score. In the end, the boys came out victorious.

To end the night was the most exciting contest of them all, the slam dunk competition. The participants included, Mike Adewumni, Donovan Grayson, Vandy Hopson, Tyrone Hugue, and William “Billy” Bessoir. With amazing dunks like, Hugue’s reverse dunk, Grayson’s self-alley-oop, and Hopson’s highflying tomahawk, the contest had no shortage of competition. In the end, though, it was Mike Adewumni who had the fans, and the judges, jumping out of their seats in route to being the competitions champion. Pulling out dunks like a reverse double clutch dunk and a windmill slam, Adewumni showed fans why he has Lake Ridge’s greatest bounce. The highlight of the night was Adewumni’s dunk over his 6’8 teammate, which left the crowd jumping and screaming.

With the season right around the corner, Madness was not only a huge success of entertainment, but also a positive outlook of what’s to come.