Eagle Elite Wins Grand Championship

Micah Tolton, ENN Staff

This past Saturday, Lake Ridge’s Eagle Elite Dance Team competed at the Raise The Bar Competition and won for the second time in a row.

Our Eagle Elite Team consist of many dancers some of whom include: Kylie Dunn (Sophomore), Joselyn Love (Senior), Jordan Donson(Senior), Madison Ullrich (Junior), Dejah Abraham(Sophomore), and etc. These girls danced in several individual categories at the event and came in first place for every single one.

The victory has given the Eagle Elites the title of being a two-time Raise The Bar winner, after already winning in the school year of 2014-2015.

Dancer, Bianca Bracy, expressed how she felt about doing a DUET with Dejah Abraham at the competition saying,“This is my and Dejah’s second year performing together and it makes it so much fun because we both love to dance so much and we perform well together ”.

While the captain of the team, Joselyn Love said, “The feeling is indescribable it brings my team and I so much joy to be able to say those words,” about her team winning the championship.

Ever since our Lake Ridge Eagle Elite team formed, their goal has been to succeed at being the best and have fun while doing it. The dancers have been practicing nonstop for this performance, and the feeling of finally winning after all the hard earned hard work is very liberating for the team.

Congratulations, Eagle Elites and good luck next year!