This is Your Final Four

ENN Sports Analyst Give Their Opinion

The 2016 NCAA Men’s basketball final four starts Saturday Apr. 2, 2016 in Houston, Texas.

You probably didn’t pick this final four right? Heck Caleb had two teams, and I only had 1 (Thanks UNC), but this year’s final four is exciting, and it includes North Carolina, Syracuse, Villanova, and Oklahoma.

North Carolina v Syracuse

Zachary: We’ve seen this matchup twice this season already, and UNC won both matchups. I do believe that Syracuse is a much better team, however North Carolina has looked like the best team in this tournament. North Carolina has more senior leadership, and better post play with senior forward Brice Johnson. My final North Carolina 75-62.

Caleb: I agree, we’ve already seen what North Carolina can do to this Syracuse team, winning both matchups (84-73, 75-70) this season. Another key to victory for North Carolina is that Syracuse is a three point reliant team, whereas NC is everything but that, and with NRG Stadium being the place where the 3 pointer dies (see previous Final Four stats), this game is Carolina’s to lose. Final: North Carolina 65-54.
Oklahoma v Villanova

Zachary: We’ve seen this matchup before too, and Oklahoma destroyed Villanova. Oklahoma has arguably the best player in the country in Buddy Hield, and I think he can be the next Ray Allen. I think this game is won by Oklahoma, and Buddy Hield has a career night. I do think Villanova is a better team and this game will be won by late game free throws. My final Oklahoma 72-66.

Caleb: Dec. 7th, #7 Oklahoma and #9 Villanova matched up for what was supposed to be a good game, but instead it turned out to be a blow-out for Oklahoma 78-55, and Buddy Hield only scored 18 points. BUT, this is a completely different, stronger Villanova team. This isn’t the same Villanova team that flops in the tournament every year. This could be their year, and with BOTH of these teams being three point reliant, it’ll come down to which team is the toughest, but let’s not forget Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield. His presence is likely enough to barely get Oklahoma by in this game. Final: Oklahoma, 56-53.

North Carolina v Oklahoma

Zachary: I think North Carolina uses their size to dominate this game, and they win it all. Oklahoma will struggle against a physical North Carolina team, but Buddy Hield will play well, and in my opinion win Most Outstanding Player. North Carolina 75-70.

Caleb: This will be an interesting matchup as Carolina’s defense tries to stop the Buddy Buckets from scoring 70 points en route to leading his team to victory. But that, unfortunately, won’t happen, as North Carolina’s superior post play will very likely take over against this tunnel visioned Oklahoma team. Carolina takes the win, Johnson takes home MOP. Final: North Carolina, 69-61.