Golfer Takes Swing at State



Lindell takes 5th at Regionals

Caitlyn Lindell, sophomore, has made it to the the University Interscholastic League 5A Girls Golf State Tournament. The tournament will be taking place at Wolfdancer Golf Club in Cedar Creek, Texas Monday April 25th to Tuesday April 26th, 2016.

It’s no surprise Caitlyn made it to state as she’s won 3 tournaments this year alone, and finishing second in the district tournament for a second year in a row. When reflecting on her season Lindell said,  “This year has just been great.”

Lindell said, “ My love for golf started in 7th grade, while I was trying out for volleyball they said ‘run a mile’, and I said no and quit that day.” After trying to try out for a few other sports golf seemed to just find her at the right time.

Although it’s a state tournament Lindell explained,  “We are going to go to Olive Garden because they have really really good pasta… Then I make sure my golf bag has everything in it water, clean clubs, make sure my outfit is picked out, and then I sleep.”

Caitlyn also explained her approach towards the tournament saying, “It’s about having fun… We’re worried about playing our game and that’s it.”

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