Spring Ball Week 2


With another week of spring practice in the books, the Eagles football team finally held a scrimmage, and it was a good one. The Eagles showed highs and lows on both sides of the ball.

Offensively the Eagles had a handful of explosive plays reminiscent of last season. The offense did have four turnovers; three of which were bad snaps. The offensive line struggled in pass protection, giving up a handful of sacks but towards the end of practice the Eagles offensive line rallied to have a great day.

Defensively the Eagles flew to the ball all day. The Eagles are a ball hawking defense that made plays consistently. The Eagles defense did give up a few big plays especially in the running game, but they played well as a whole. The defense is a major factor for this team next season and we should expect great things from them.

Two weeks into spring ball defensive tackle Andrew Colon, 2017 senior, talked to us about spring ball. “As a team they’re a lot of flaws going on, but a lot of great things coming together. We have a picture in mind and we’re gonna get there. Overall it’s a great group of guys and we’re just trying to work,” Colon explained.

This team has a lot to prove next season; building off of the Eagles State run last season.