Bringing On the Cheer


George Olsen

Cheerleaders keeping spirits up at the game

Tierany Narro, ENN Staff

You see them on the sidelines chanting and getting the crowd excited; cheering on the Lake Ridge Eagles durging the football game. The Eagles Cheerleaders support the team every game, win or lose. “We cheer as loud as possible so that the players know we’re there,” said Berkley Skinner, 11.

The Eagle Cheerleaders have a pre-game routine; much like the other sports. They have certain things they do before every game to get ready. Before each game they hang up signs around the stadium.

Co-Captain, Bailey Alexander, 11, said,  “We make sure we have all the supplies we need before we get on the bus to go to the game. Once there, we practice jumps and stretch then we line up on the field so the players can run by us and we cheer them on.”

After they have gotten the crowd excited for the game, the Eagle cheerleaders go and form a prayer circle. “We pray for the safety of everyone at the event and safe travels home,” explained Corinne Bayless, 11.

Cheerleading is an energetic sport. The Eagles are constantly practicing and working to get better. But they admit they sometimes feel a little over looked. Skinner explained, “We spend weeks getting ready for pep-rallys and no one really realizes all we have to do. But we still love our school and work hard to make every event that we can as fun as possible.”