The Ridge Runners


Kevin Ross(L), Shaelyn Handy(R), Chris Grant(H), and Chris Morales(S) running the flags after the Eagles scored a touch down.

Tierany Narro , ENN Staff

They run from end zone to end zone after every touch down brandishing flags with our school letters “L-R-H-S” and our mascot.  The Ridge Runners run the flags after every touchdown the Lake Ridge Eagles football team scores.

Being a Ridge Runner is an exhausting, high energy job. “I love the energy and the whole aura of the Friday night lights. It’s mind blowing. I feel the adrenaline that the flag runners give to the student section and the crowd energy. Because we are alaways lit or doing something,” said Kevin Ross, senior, Ridge Runner.

The runners don’t just do it for themselves, they also do it for the team and to get the crowd hyped up. “The flag runners give me a sort of energy that makes me get involved! They bring a sort of hype to the student section and fans once they run by!” said Sydney McCullough, junior.

The Ridge Runners usually consist of cross country members and they have to be in shape all the time. The runners get the crowd into the game and make it more cheerful! They try and get everyone together and support the team.

Even though they only shine on Friday nights, the Ridge Runners know this is a lesson they can take with them them the rest of their life. “Life is like running flags; don’t trip,” explained Chris Grant, senior.