The Madness is here!


Nate Martinez

Members of the varsity basketball team run drills in front of the crowds for Basketball Madness.

Nate Martinez, ENN Special Contributer

Let the madness begin! Basketball season is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to start it off than Basketball Madness. 

Basketball Madness provides a unique opportunity for Lake Ridge students, faculty, and the community to get a sneak peak of what the basketball program has to offer. It was held Wednesday evening in Lake Ridge’s main gym.

Tahlik Chavez, sophomore, is a shooting guard on the team. Chavez has one goal in mind and is using Basketball Madness as an opportunity to get hyped for the season.

“We’re chasing that state championship and nothing less. Basketball Madness allows our fans to see the talent we have, and the atmosphere gets me pumped up for the season,” Chavez said. 

Coach Keith Howell, varsity men’s assistant basketball coach, has the same goal as Chavez and the finds the student section at home games very important. 

“I’ll be honest with you, our goal is to win a state championship, and we’re preparing for our goal. The student section is very important because, the better the student section is, the better our players will perform. The feeling of having your school supporting you, will definitely increase the players confidence,” Howell said. 

Braeden Johnson, 4th grader at Daulton Elementary, looks forward to Basketball Madness every year and can’t wait to be apart of the madness.

“I love Basketball Madness, being in the madness makes me feel apart of the team. Hopefully one day I can actually be a varsity basketball player and be in the madness,” Johnson said.

Basketball Madness allows fans of Lake Ridge, a first look at the Varsity basketball team. It provides an opportunity for younger kids (ages 4-14) to interact with the players through drills and friendly competition.