Silent Night

Nate Martinez, ENN Staff

Lake Ridge basketball took on the Seguin Cougars on Friday night, in the first annual Silent Night game.

The Silent Night game was introduced by Taylor University in Upland, Indiana sometime in the late 1980’s. During the game, the crowd stays silent until the home team scores their tenth point, then the whole place erupts with cheering.

Adding to the hype of the night, students got in the game for free if they wore their pajamas.

Tahlik Chavez, sophomore shooting guard, enjoyed the back and forth closeness of the game as neither team held a lead over six points. 

“The game was one of the best games I’ve been in and it’s the closest we’ve been as a team, neither one of us could really gain a big lead,” Chavez said.

Sebastian Karwoski, senior center, took this game personal as he wanted payback for how  Seguin won last season. 

“Seguin beat us last year, and they got the higher seed in the playoffs. This being my senior year, I wanted to get revenge on them for beating us,” Karwoski said.

Despite a hard fought effort, the Eagles fell short 56-62. Donte Wilson, head Varsity Basketball Coach, identified the pace as a key problem of the game.

“Normally our pace is high and that causes teams to get tired later in the game. For some reason the pace wasn’t there for us but, we’ll review the film and learn from our mistakes,” Wilson said.

The Eagles will play next on December 20th at 8 p.m at Lancaster High School.