Super Bowl 51: Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots

The NFC championship game was first and saw the Atlanta Falcons dominate the Green Bay Packers 44-21.

After the NFC game, the number New England Patriots soundly defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship game, 36-17.

The NFC championship game was a shutout for the Atlanta Falcons, who already lead 24-0 at the half against the Green Bay Packers. After the half, the Packers were able to put up 15 points in the 3rd quarter, while the Falcons put up 13, making it 15-37. In the final quarter, both teams were able to put up one last touchdown, making the final score 44-21, earning the Atlanta Falcons a spot in the Super Bowl.

Garrett Maddux, senior, is confident with the way the Falcons have played this season, and believes that they will have a good showing against whoever they play.

“I believe the Falcons will put up a good fight in the Super Bowl. They have a great defense, as well as a great quarterback, Matt Ryan,” Maddux said.

Freshman  Alex Castellanos, is a fan of the Falcons and feels their offense is unstoppable.

“The Falcons have one of the best teams in the league, and with the help of their quarterback Matt Ryan, and one of my favorite players, receiver Julio Jones, I believe they are unstoppable,” Castellonas said.

Following the conclusion of the NFC championship, the AFC Championship game was yet another opportunity for the New England Patriots to flex their muscles.

Steven Ho, junior, believes his Patriots have the experience and depth within their program to withstand anything that comes in their way.

“The Patriots without a doubt have the edge over anybody, they have an all time great quarterback, Tom Brady, and one of my favorite wide receivers, Chris Hogan. This team has great experience in the playoffs,” Ho said.

Tyler Allmon, junior, became a Patriots fan simply because of the enormous success they have had the past few years, always going far into the playoffs, and earning themselves a spot in the Super Bowl.

“The Patriots have became my favorite team to watch, they have had a lot of success and experience with postseason play, along with being Super Bowl champions just two years ago. I don’t see it being that difficult to clinch another title this year,” Allmon said.

The New England Patriots will compete against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51 on Sunday February 5th, 2017 in Houston, TX