Eagles Out Rock Jags


George Olsen

The Eagles celebrate their win over Summit.

Nate Martinez, ENN Staff

Lake Ridge defeated the Summit Jaguars Friday night 28-21, improving to 4-1 overall and 2-0 in district.

The Eagles were looking forward to the game due to comments made from Summit on Twitter regarding Lake Ridge’s “rock out” celebration. Rock out is when the players act as though they are playing an invisible guitar when they run off the field after scoring a touchdown or making a big play. Junior safety, Darius Houston felt practices during the week were all high intensity leading up to the game due to the Twitter comments.

“We were mad because they were trying to steal our ‘rock out’ stuff, so we were mentally and physically focused all week, ” Houston said.

Once the Eagles kicked off, they decided to let their actions on the field do all the talking. Junior safety, Darius Houston explained the teams mindset as they battled the Jags.

“We remained focused on the little things and took the game one play at a time and didn’t let the trash talk get into our heads,” Houston said.

Being focused helped the Eagles stuff the Jags during a late goal line stand. Houston was proud of the defense for stepping up in such a big moment.

“We thought he was going to throw it, but when we saw the quarterback scramble out of the pocket we figured he was trying to score himself but, we knew he wasn’t going to score because our goal line defense is very good,” Houston said.

After the big win Dewone Jackson, junior running back felt the team was proud of their win, but knew they still had more business a head of them.

“The locker room was filled with excitement and energy but we knew we had to put the game behind us and get ready for the next game,” Jackson said.

Lake Ridge will have a bye week this week, but according to senior Cartraven Walker, that doesn’t mean the team will be taking it easy.

“During the bye week we need to get everyone healthy and continue to play Lake Ridge football. Offensively we need to play fast and get after them on defense,” Walker said.

The Eagles will host the Red Oak Hawks, who are currently 0-2 in district on Thursday, October 12 at Newsom Stadium at 7.