Seniors Say Goodbye

Nate Martinez, ENN Staff

The Eagles, fresh off a win against Timberview, will take on Waxahachie in their last district game of the season. A win will solidify first place and earn them the title of district champions. However the game does carry with it the added significance of being the last home game for this year’s senior class. While senior Blake Lodes is aware, he feels it won’t be till later before the moment hits him.

“It hasn’t hit me yet but I know it’ll sink in when that ‘Wow that was my last district game’ thought runs through my head. As senior year comes closer and closer to the end, all my prior years of football keep coming back and humbling me and I can’t wait for the future,” Lodes said.

Tori Batton, Lodes mother, feels it will be an emotional night watching her son’s high school football journey near an end.

“It’s definitely bittersweet. I’ve watched him grow into an adult and soon watching him go to college. I’m over the moon proud. I just want him to remain humble, kind and remember his roots, family and as well as his faith,” Batton said.

Kiron Buie sees his job as a senior to be a big brother and help out the younger players on the team. Buie feels one of the most important thing the younger players can do is trust and listen to their coaches.

“Take all the lessons that the coaches give you through off season because, the really take place in real life and on the field. Make sure you work your hardest because, it’ll show on the field believe it or not. Lastly, make sure you play for your brothers next to you and not just for yourself,” Buie said.

With the season nearing an end, seniors will certainly take the time to look back and reflect on some of their more fond memories. Senior Trejon Hugue will miss some of the fun times most.

“My most memorable moment would be taking an ice bath after a game and everyone splashing water on each other, it was an amazing memory but when I think back it wasn’t smart, considering how cold the water was,” Hugue said.

Buie’s favorite memory doesn’t involve any ice, but focusses more on a particular game.

“Last year when we played Crowley in the first round, the game was intense throughout. The multiple over times and all the nail biting moments will always be my favorite memory,” Buie said.

Despite the emotional night, the team knows they need to take care of business first. Defensive line coach, Robert Turley, is confident the Eagles will be able to tune out the outside factors and keep focussed on the game at hand.

“Our focus is being 1-0 like Coach Thor preaches. Don’t look at the scoreboard, just focus on the play at hand and compete to the best of your abilities, don’t worry about the past play or the next and if we are 1-0 more than 0-1 then we’ll be satisfied with the outcome,” Turley said.

The Eagles host the Waxahachie Indians Friday night at R L Anderson Stadium at 7:30.