From JV to Varsity


Eric Olsen

Cade Hutchison takes the field for the varsity football team.

The district champion Eagles’ impressive season continues to roll on. While the Eagles are retooling and perfecting plays, other adjustments including promoting junior varsity players to the varsity team are made in order to provide depth to the team. Several JV players were promoted to varsity, and revel in how vastly different the atmosphere of the field is compared to what they are used to.

“With it being such a big step up from junior varsity to varsity, I’ve just focused a lot more on bettering myself for the season. Lifting, focusing on my steps, and helping the starters get more work,” says junior left tackle Cade Hutchinson.

Junior linebacker Hugh Zelder is another athlete that got moved up to the varsity team. While he is excited for the opportunity, he quickly realized there was a world of difference between the two levels. 

“I think the biggest difference between junior varsity and varsity would have to be the atmosphere of the game itself and the pressure from the coaches and the crowd, on or off the field,” said Zelder. 

Junior Dylan Thompson is ready to do his part to help the team, but he also plans on making the most out of this moment.

“As of right now I think that I’m really trying to learn to be a leader from all the seniors who are going to be leaving, and I’m really just trying to pick up small things from just the experience so that I can be a key leader next year,” says Thompson.

Assistant JV Coach, Beau Riley, is proud to see his athletes’ hard work pay off and earn a spot on varsity. 

“It’s always exciting to see an athlete improve himself and take the initiative to want to shoot for the next level. So it’s always satisfying to know that there are kids out there who desire that,” says Riley.

The Eagles will play Prosper High School on Friday, December 1st at 7:30pm at Standridge Stadium in Carrollton.