Spinning into Spring Season


As the seconds count down on the clock, the opponent bounces the ball down onto the hard, concrete ground. The small, neon, yellow ball is thrown into the air. The Lake Ridge tennis player keeps their eye on the ball as it is served over the net, they step up and hit it back over the net into the far right corner of the court. The opponent can’t get to the ball in time and a point goes up for the Eagles.

With the spring season just around the corner, the Lake Ridge Eagles’ Tennis team is increasing the difficulty at practice. After having a very successful fall season (becoming district champs), the team is looking ahead and working to improve. According to Coach, Christopher Peralta, the team is focusing on making sure they are completing and performing each drill to the best of their abilities.

“We are ramping up our practices and drilling hard. We have extended practice by a little bit so that we are able to get in as much tennis as we possibly can, and we are really trying to just hit the ground running into this season,” Peralta said.

Motivation is key in any sport, and the success of the fall season for the Eagles is exactly the motivation they needed in order to progress to even higher levels than before. For sophomore, Mitchell Martin, the triumphant fall season has caused him to have a more positive outlook on the upcoming season of tennis.

“I am very optimistic about this season as a single player [plays alone]. I practice every day and go to drills and lessons at the Walnut Creek Country Club to make sure I am at the top of my game, especially with this upcoming tournament season,” Martin said.

Peralta is also very optimistic about the upcoming portion of tennis. He admitted that the victorious Fall portion of the sport has made them greedy, in a sense that it has only fueled their desire to win.

“Being district champs has only made us want more; we want more success. We not only want to be district champs, but we also want to go onto regionals and we really would love to send some players to state this year. I think our successes in the Fall has only inspired us to put in more work and effort in the Spring,” said Peralta.

Unfortunately, the Eagle tennis players will be losing Martin in the next year as he will be moving to Florida to attend a school primarily focused on sports. And while the feeling is bittersweet for the tennis player, he is looking forward to a new chapter in his life.

“I’m excited about moving because I will be coming back to Mansfield, so I will get to have a nice change of pace leaving Mansfield and Lake Ridge for awhile. I will be attending a sports school to focus even more on tennis and take my playing to another level. I think the thing I will miss most about Lake Ridge Tennis is the all day tournaments and the thrill of winning a close match,” said Martin.

And while Martin’s career as a Lake Ridge tennis player may be coming to a close in the upcoming future, the team still has this year to continue their success with the talented player. So, go cheer on the tennis team as their season is volleyed into a new gear.