Basketball Recap


Photo Credit: Summer Thipsipisan

The point guard takes a step back and makes a 3 pointer. The screams and cheers from the Lake Ridge fans fill the gym as players continue to dribble the ball down the court. The lake Ridge boys basketball team had some uncertainties a lot, but proved doubters, making it to the third round of playoffs. They started their season off with strong intensity and were determined not to let that go.

The boys season ended in the third round on Tuesday, February 26 against the Denton Guyer wildcats losing 82-66. Joey Madimba, junior, isn’t focused on the loss, yet the accomplishments that he felt him and his teammates made.

This year’s season was good. We had a lot of good runs and a lot people doubt us and a lot of people telling us we wasn’t going to go far and we actually did,” said Madimba.

This season Lake Ridge added two freshmen on the team taking them from middle school courts to the proud advancement to the varsity gym. Dallas Hobbes and Tj Caldwell, both freshman,  didn’t hold back any talent and played a key role on the team. Madimba enjoyed having them both on the team because they were good teammates to fall back on.

“Coming in with freshman was fun, we got to bring them in straight from eighth grade to a playoff round. The freshman played a tough role. They had to come and play big minutes when the star players were hurt or the star player wasn’t playing well, the freshman had to come in and do their thing,” said Madimba.

The team is saying goodbye to their seniors who played a leadership role on the team, leaving a spot for other players to step up and continue their legacies. Throughout the year, they have lead the team and set expectations. Legend Barrett, senior, thinks his teammates are ready for next year’s  season and can’t wait to see what they can do.

“We played a big role and we put their jersey in a better place and you know we have expectations for the team next year and they just know what it takes to get far into the playoffs. I’m looking forward to seeing what the team does next year,” said Barrett.

Seniors are going to be greatly missed. Justice Marmara, junior, feels the seniors’absence this off season is going to be crucial and is going to be the time to fill the void of missing skill and talent they had.

All the seniors played an important role in the lineup as leaders, as teachers to the younger guys and there’s a lot of empty gaps for leadership that we have to fill in and that’s what they’ll leave behind. This off season is going to be crucial. That’s going to be the time to build for next year’s season where we won’t have that gap anymore ,” said Marmara.

The team puts in hard work everyday on the court and it shows. It’s only up from here to see where the boy’s basketball team soars.