Consistency is Key

The Lake Ridge Girls soccer team have maintained their status quo by once again reaching the playoffs.

Being a part of the playoffs is an honor for most teams. It shows that the amount of hard work, dedication, and practice every player goes through has paid off. Without the help of coaches, staff, and those around them, the Eagles wouldn’t be where they are today. Junior, Karsen Koehler, says hard work is the key to their success.

“To make it to the playoffs every year, it takes a lot of hard work from every player in the program. By practicing to the best of our ability, and transferring those skills into the game, we’re able to consistently make the playoffs every year,” says Koehler.

Another team member, junior, Callie Conrad, talks about how the team manages to consistently get to the playoffs each year with the help of her teammates with the same mindset of achieving their goal.

“What helps us get to the playoffs is our consistent hard work and focus in training. We are all working toward the same goal, so we hold each other accountable,” says Conrad.

The playoffs are an achievement earned by everyone doing their part and everyone putting in the work needed to get to this point. Koehler says the work done so far in the soccer season can be repetitive at times, but is worth it towards the end for her and the team.

“All the work we put in all year does pay off in the playoffs. By playing our best in the district, we earn our spot each and every year. While practicing can seem repetitive and tiring, the more we play together the better our performance will be,” says Koehler.

For making the playoffs, it’s something a team should be proud of because of all the work put into each practice and game. The playoffs extend the season and not making it would be disappointing to the players but all in all, a great experience for the entire team. Koehler talks about how she felt when the team made the playoffs.

“When I found out we had secured a spot in the playoffs I had mixed emotions. I was excited for the playoff environment, because it makes the energy in the program rise. In the same breath, excitement brings nervousness, because you want to do well, and there’s a lot of pressure to win. Overall I really enjoy the playoffs, but I’m sad that it means our season is coming to an end,” says Koehler.

Overall, the playoffs are an achievement earned by the team. Their consistency and hard work are why you can all but guarantee the Eagles will be playing long after their regular season ends.