MISD Installs Security Doors


The security doors in the front entrance of Lake Ridge high school.

Melinda Weenig, ENN Staff

Have you noticed the security doors that were put up when we came back from Thanksgiving? Over the break, the Mansfield Independent School District commissioned the installation of new security features for Lake Ridge High School.  The doors will be used to help prevent outside individuals from entering Lake Ridge without being granted access.

“Unfortunately, these days schools aren’t that safe.

— Assistant Principal, Natasha Stewart

This is just a precaution that MISD is taking for the safety of our staff and students.” Assistant Principle Natasha Stewart said.

Prior to break, MISD hired actors to attempt to gain access to Lake Ridge High School without being detected.  These actors were freely allowed into the school through various means via locked doors.  The actors walked around Lake Ridge without ID all day and were never detected.  Our student body, staff, and security failed to recognize the danger.

When it came down to it, we failed, because we did not get the people that, didn’t belong here, out. Now, we have to take bigger steps to make sure everybody at Lake Ridge is safe.

Even though the doors are up for an understandable concern for safety, there are some students that have quite a bit to say about them.

Sophomore Morgan Allen said, “I think that the doors are just a distraction and a huge obstacle when getting to class.” The security doors are all around the entrance, so it does make it a little more difficult to get to our classes on time.”

Just like how there are some disadvantages there is also some advantages. Our school will be even more safer then it was before. For that reason the doors have also been installed in the other Mansfield high schools.