Lake Ridge Launches Course Fair


Brianna Vilatoro

Burch (left) and Elle (right) talk about the AP Fair

Lake Ridge High School hosted a class fair for all current Lake Ridge students on Feb. 4 and 5 during each student’s history class.  The objective of the fair was to introduce students to different courses offered at Lake Ridge and Ben Barber Career Tech Academy from AP Physics to Newspaper. Each class was represented by a current student that provided information about the course to interested students.

Senior Megan Erwin was representing Advanced Placement Micro- and Macro-Economics. “We’re recruiting students for these courses and answering any questions they may have,” she explained.  “The Personal Finance Literacy class is definitely the most interesting.  It is so practical and it’s one of the only classes you can use regularly in life.”

Students that worked the booths liked the concept of the fair that debuted this year.  “The fair is used to inform new and existing student to show them what classes students can take,” said LRHS junior, Isabel Ortiz who worked the Spanish booth for Ben Barber.

Sara Butler, junior,  explained why she felt the fair was important. “It is to give students an idea of what classes each school has to offer.”

Students also had very strong opinions as to what class is the best course to take. “I’m really enjoying AP Psychology. It’s really interesting,” said Sara Butler.  Isabel Ortiz agreed, “The best course to take is Psychology.”

Students interested in specific classes were given the course syllabus. If any student has any further questions regarding a specific class or requirements should speak to their counselor.


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