Remembering 9/11


Stacy Steele

Mansfield Fire Department crew of fire station three

September 11, 2001 is an unforgettable date in American history. This past weekend, marking the 15th anniversary of the attacks, the history of 9/11 continues to be spread throughout generations; from the Mansfield Fire Department to Willie Brown Elementary School.

As we get farther from the attacks of 2001, some may feel that the importance of this historical misfortune gets lost. Public Education Coordinator and Fire Investigator of Mansfield Fire Department, Wesley Jones, said that “as a parent, and as adults, it’s our responsibility to educate our youth.”

It is also his expectation that our younger generations understand the importance of 9/11, despite some not yet being here to have experienced it. Mansfield Fire Department achieve these goals by visiting many schools around this time of year and educating on this “tragedy that happened here on our soil,” Jone’s explained. On September 12th, Mansfield Fire Department visited Willie Brown Elementary Schoool, in hope to fulfill their duty of informing America’s young ones exactly what this date means.

It is clear how important 9/11 is to Mansfield Fire Department. Keeping our country’s citizens, no matter the age, educated on this event, honors those who lost their lives. “Society is changing, but these tragedies will not be forgotten. The 343 firefighters (that lost their lives on 9/11), they had a job to do, and it is now our job to honor their bravery,” Wesley states.