Humans of Lake Ridge


I want to graduate early to get a head start on college. High school is not for me. I feel like I want to be around people that understand me better. Sometimes I feel awkward because I’m always explaining myself and who I am to people who don’t truly know me. I think it’s important for people to understand who I am because I have a lot of potential, but a lot of people don’t see it or don’t want to understand me, so I feel alone. I mean, I know I have my parents, but at school I feel alone. I have friends, but I don’t get to see them much. I understand they have their own lives and their own issues, and I don’t want to add to their problems, so I just spend most of my time here focussing on school. The most important lesson I’ve ever learned in life is that not every day is promised. My dad had an accident and I thought he wouldn’t make it. I imagined what it would be like not having him here with me and it killed me inside. So when I do feel alone I know that I just need to get through it, like my dad did. I do think more people feel alone then they let on, but nobody talks about it. It’s awkward to admit you feel alone because it’s hard to be vulnerable.