What’s in your bag? Freshmen v.s. Seniors


Brianna Villatoro

Backpacks with school supplies that belong to students.

Packing for your freshman year and senior year are a little different. As a freshmen you make sure to get everything on the printed supply list and actually stress over on what type of notebook to get, what size binder, or how many folders you will need.

Seniors, at the end of their high school career, feel that a paper and pen are good enough. They are less worried about bringing the materials listed on the teacher’s syllabus and rather come with an empty backpack.

Senior, Mariah Fernandez, notices the difference between the backpacks of freshmen and Seniors. Going through the same thing as a 9th grader, she remembers going school shopping and worrying about what to bring on the first day of high school.

“I would bring like a different journal for every class and now I just bring one journal, one folder and my headphones.” Fernandez said.

Freshmen come prepared and bring way more supplies than the upper class men do. 9th grader, David  Ibarra, wasn’t sure on what was too much and what was too little to bring.

Ibarra adds, ” I noticed that our freshmen backpacks are bigger than the seniors, we bring way more than what we need. The seniors are just ready to get out of here.”

12th grader Brandi Carter and most seniors can agree that their main thing to bring is there phone and headphones. She makes sure that everyday she has both in her bag before she leaves to school.

Carter says, “I would say Freshmen year I had a bigger binder and so many pencils. This year I just carry a folder to put all my work in from all my classes. As long as I bring a pencil, my phone, and headphones, I’m at set for the day.”